Why do we learn the English language

Why we learn English
The English language has become an international language because it is used by people in the most countries in the world now.
In the open times, if you want to do business with foreigners, you must English because most of them speak and write in English, English is one of the working languages at international meetings, Today, most of valuable books are written inEnglish, If you know mush English, you will read newspapers and magazines in English and learn a lot of knowledge about interaction better. You also can do What you should do for the world peace.
English is very important to us, but many students don't know why ;hey should learn it. I hope that all the students should pay more attention to English study and use it freely. ( 133 words)

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Access -Varnita/Bender group prepared posters with different educational and motivational messages such as "We have a chance to have a good future, that's why we learn English at the American Councils" or "ACCESS makes you understand that only together people represent a very strong power " , " I want to be a president that's why I learn English " or " I want to be a journalist that's why I learn English", etc. In front of the Varnita Mayoree the students invited 40 people to share posters and to discuss about the American Councils educational programs.

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Why We Learn EnglishEnglish is one of the world's most widely used languages. and is spoken as a native language by over three handred million people in the world. ...

我们为什么学英语 【内容提示】 请你根据提示,以 Why We Learn English为题写一篇演讲稿。 ①英语现已成为世界性语言。 ②掌握英语的重要性:在改革开放时代要同外国人做生意;国际会议所用语言之一是英语;重要书籍多数都是用英语出版的;懂英语的人可以加...
Why We Learn English

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“Why do we learn English?”

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