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Spring time! Flowers blooming, animals canoodling.. (ahem)
I love this place! Great place for a picnic, a jog, outdoor reading, and even taking wedding/group photos.

It is such a diverse area: There is a redwood tree section, a gazebo, a pond area, Australian/New Zealand plant section, and even an Asian plants section. It's a peaceful little park that significantly contributes to why UC Davis is such a beautiful campus.

A little birdy told my boyfriend that there were bio-illuminating flowers in the Arboretum. So we tried to find them in the middle of the night, and they were no where to be seen! Probably not true? I've tried Googling this so perhaps it's just a myth.

It's not too far from Shields Library. Why not take a study break and lie in the sun at the Arboretum?

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We can't say why UC Davis offers this course that ignores scientific evidence, but we wonder whether it just might have to do with money. Testing for and treating PSA-identified cancer is a large part of the practice of many urologists so it may not be surprising that urology groups take a far more positive stance on the test than almost any other doctors. They also fund a pro-PSA lobby that now includes the National Football League.

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Added foundation chair Bruce Edwards, “The UC Davis Foundation is honored to present this award to Professor Joseph, who exemplifies the wonderful professors we have on the campus and illustrates why UC Davis is such an amazing place. The UC Davis Foundation is also proud to support this award because it promotes and celebrates stellar undergraduate instruction at UC Davis.”

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Best Answer: Focus on why UC Davis is the right school for you (that is what the prompt said)

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