A patient who is a professional—e.g., doctor, lawyer, architect, etc

Application for Associate Membership in PT CREW is open to any person of good character and reputation who is a professional in the field of commercial real estate, provided the person has at least two years, but fewer than five years, experience and is currently involved in a substantially full-time, professional position, the primary responsibilities of which are in one or more of the qualified fields of commercial real estate.

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And this from a man who is a professional failure

to a Managed Data Access Recipient who is a Professional user

Learn hands-on from an experienced screen printer or two before attempting to branch out on your own. Only hands-on experience will make you a good screen printer and learning from someone who is already a professional is the fastest way to obtain the necessary skills you will need before offering your services to the public. I am self-taught, and it was a very long, very mistake-filled process. Today, I use screen printing with fine precision in my monofilament portraits where I actually screen print onto monofilament line that is then mounted in horizontal rows inside a clear acrylic case to create almost holographic portraits, but I would have learned faster and with fewer mistakes had I found a mentor instead of teaching myself.


Borrowers performing teaching services might be eligible for cancellation credit that can be applied toward payments of loan principal and accrued interest. A teacher is defined as one who is a professional employee of a school or school system working on a full-time basis and is devoted to providing classroom instruction or related services in support of the education program.

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a person who is a professional at doing some sort of service, but does crappy work.

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Working as a nurse and raising a three year old isn’t easy, but add a husband who is a professional bull rider to the mix, and Lindsay Harr has quite the schedule!

Add these six traits up, and you begin to have an image of a person who is a professional

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Want to know what a career is really like? Ask someone with first-hand experience. The informational interview is a chance to spend time with someone who is a professional in the career field that is of interest to you. By talking with a professional in the field, you will be able to learn about the professional and get to know someone in the field for the purpose of networking. Most professionals a very willing to spend time talking with students about their experiences, and most professionals will share helpful advice about preparing for and securing employment in the field. Visit the website for more information.

Who is a professional manager

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Division (A)(1)(a) of this section applies to any person who is an attorney; physician, including a hospital intern or resident; dentist; podiatrist; practitioner of a limited branch of medicine as specified in section of the Revised Code; registered nurse; licensed practical nurse; visiting nurse; other health care professional; licensed psychologist; licensed school psychologist; independent marriage and family therapist or marriage and family therapist; speech pathologist or audiologist; coroner; administrator or employee of a child day-care center; administrator or employee of a residential camp , child day camp, or private, nonprofit therapeutic wilderness camp; administrator or employee of a certified child care agency or other public or private children services agency; school teacher; school employee; school authority; person engaged in social work or the practice of professional counseling; agent of a county humane society; person, other than a cleric, rendering spiritual treatment through prayer in accordance with the tenets of a well-recognized religion; employee of a county department of job and family services who is a professional and who works with children and families; superintendent or regional administrator employed by the department of youth services; superintendent, board member, or employee of a county board of developmental disabilities; investigative agent contracted with by a county board of developmental disabilities; employee of the department of developmental disabilities; employee of a facility or home that provides respite care in accordance with section of the Revised Code; employee of a home health agency; employee of an entity that provides homemaker services; a person performing the duties of an assessor pursuant to Chapter 3107. or 5103. of the Revised Code; third party employed by a public children services agency to assist in providing child or family related services; court appointed special advocate; or guardian ad litem.