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But there was a problem: Both nominees flunked their academy entrance exams. Not wanting the West Point nomination to go to waste, Hoeppel and his son offered to sell it for $1,000 to a Baltimore man who could pass the test. The conspiracy unraveled when the Baltimore man refused to pay, and Hoeppel & Son were convicted of conspiracy and went to jail.

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Martino, who received a West Point nomination from former U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, also was a teacher-assistant and in-class tutor for statistics and advanced physics, and was named to the WXYZ Best and Brighton list.

John Burke, in exchange for a West Point nomination

She is also a member of Sen. Isakson’s West Point Nomination Committee, which reviews applications for appointments to the service academy; an applicant must receive a nomination from a member of the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives in order to be considered. Britt was a member of the fourth class of women to graduate from West Point in 1983, she said, adding she is honored to give young people a chance to follow a career path which has given her so much.

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Robert Nelson Stanfield, who had a spare West Point nomination to confer

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Meanwhile, news of his campus fame had reached the ear of United States Sen. Robert Nelson Stanfield, who had a spare West Point nomination to confer. He offered it to Zimmerman as the young man most likely to add luster to the fair name of Oregon. Zimmerman went, for fatherly advice; to a Regular Army captain attached to the university's ROTC. The captain, well aware of Zimmerman's love of sports, gave a glowing account of the West Point athletic program. Inadvertently or not, he also left an impression--surely one of the most inaccurate white lies ever implied -- that a cadet's life allowed plenty of time for leisure reading, an indoor sport which Zimmerman found both restful and instructive.

the West Point nomination that he already had in hand, so I became eligible to compete for USNA

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So Rep. John Hoeppel set up a trade: He gave a Naval Academy nomination to a fellow California Democrat, Rep. John Burke, in exchange for a West Point nomination. Burke would nominate Hoeppel's son, and in exchange Hoeppel nominated Burke's favored candidate.

require applicants to contact their offices directly by the spring of their junior year in high school to inform the office of their interest in a West Point nomination.

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