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The Virginia Tech Honor Code embodies a spirit of mutual trust and intellectual honesty that is central to the very nature of the university, and represents the highest possible expression of shared values among the members of the university community. The fundamental beliefs underlying and reflected in the Honor Code are:

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Video taken by Houston Wiedle, Virginia Tech Honors student and Partners in the Park participant.

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Students who do not enter Virginia Tech in Honors will have an opportunity to apply to University Honors after they have established themselves at the university and met the internal GPA requirement.

Virginia Tech honors Marvin Johnson for career achievements

The functions of the Honor System are: to communicate the meaning and importance of intellectual honesty to all students of the University; to articulate and support the interest of the community in maintaining the highest standards of conduct in academic affairs; and to identify, sanction, and educate those who fail to live up to the stated expectations of the university community with regard to these standards. The Honor Code is the University policy which defines the expected standards of conduct in academic affairs. The Honor System is the University body charged with disseminating information about the Honor Code to the university community and with enforcement of the Honor Code. The Virginia Tech Honor System relies on student participation in several key areas:

Virginia Tech honors 8th anniversary of shootings
Sophomore Scholarships – In University Honors at Virginia Tech honors students are offered the opportunity as sophomores to apply to the sophomore scholarship program. This program is comprised of six different scholarships, all a little different based on the requirements within the scholarships, which give students the freedom to design their own study abroad experience for the summer between their Junior and Senior years. It is a highly competitive program that offers an amazing opportunity to literally design your own learning experience.The Course of Study Planner (CoSP) was developed by a Virginia Tech Honors student in 1993 and was first adapted and used by University Honors in the fall of 1994. It has proven to be an invaluable aid to Honors students and has since been adopted by non-Honors students, other departments on campus, and universities across the country.Officers stand silently at the memorial dedicated Saturday at Virgina Tech to honor slain Virginia Tech police Officer Deriek Crouse who was killed in 2011 by a Radford University student during a routine traffic stop on campus.For example, Dr. Papillon told the story of a young student who desired to major in both music and engineering. When she approached other schools with a request to accommodate her desire, she encountered equivocation, and the enumeration of difficulties; when she approached Virginia Tech, and talked to Jack, he responded simply, “why the hell not?” This phrase, Dr. Papillon told me proudly, had become the “unofficial slogan” of the Virginia Tech Honors Program.
Virginia Tech to honor WDBJ shooting victims vs Ohio State

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The Presidential Global Scholars program is sponsored by , the , and . It exists to provide Virginia Tech Honors students with the opportunity to discover their niches in an interconnected society and to empower them to contribute positively to our transforming world.

Virginia Tech community honors life of fallen officer

Photo: Virginia Tech to honor Beamer with helmet sticker

Associate Justices and Judicial Panel members are Virginia Tech students! This is a very important point about the Virginia Tech Honor System. Visit the page to find out how you too can participate!

Marching Virginians Perform at 2014 Virginia Tech Honor Band

16th Annual Virginia Tech Maroon Honor Band 2013

I once heard Dr. Dudley say that the high school years are a time to fit in, but college is the time to stand out. For me, those words have always been more than just a phrase on how to survive the honors program, but a prescription of how to thrive in college. Building a successful college career is not an easy thing to do, but a position in the Virginia Tech Honors Program makes the process much easier.