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The earnings are based on worldwide revenue related to toy merchandising, videogame sales, publishing and box-office earnings, and DVD/VHS sales and rentals.

Blu-ray, HD DVD Overtake VHS in Sales | High-Def Digest

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Soon after its release VHS sales caught up to Sony's Betamax, eventually surpassing it until now VHS is the worldwide standard. All because JVC engineers sat and thought and thought before they built a thing. So while the Betamax had a sharper picture, that's only a small part of the story. The rest of the story includes everyone who uses a VCR and that's where VHS beat Betmax.

1985 Sony Super Betamax vs. VHS promo sales tape.

The now-famous videotape format war of the late 1970s and 1980s demonstrated the speed with which the industry could tip in favor of one technology, and the devastating impact this could have on its competition. When the industry cast its collective vote for VHS in 1975, it took less than three years for the technology to overtake Betamax. In a subsequent market shift between 1999 and 2004, VHS sales were overtaken, and then quickly dwarfed, by DVDs.

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The move comes after an announcement from () that it will phase out VHS sales by September. () and () no longer sell VHS tapes, according to the report.Nash Information Services, LLC provides research services to industry professionals, investors and entertainment companies. Since 1997, we have been constantly developing our Movie Industry Model, a sophisticated tool for analyzing the past and future performance of movies, including ancillary revenue through DVD and VHS sales and rentals, TV sales, and foreign revenues.Originally, Pioneer took no public stand on which formats would receive which versions. In , Pioneer would only commit to a VHS dubbed version and a DVD in dual language. We were informed that they would attempt but this might have proven to be too difficult and/or counter-productive (it could have hurt VHS sales). or possibly engineer a solution, Pioneer chose to keep the dubbed edited version only on VHS and the dubbed unedited version only on DVD (and added the options from the dubbed edited version). The subtitled version is available on both formats.
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"The Great Time Machine" came out the next year and Beta's hope to be the dominate format in home video recording was soon to be vanquished. It really couldn't of ended up any other of way when you consider that ultimately all the public really cared about was the most recording time for the least money and what format their neighbors had. The things Sony was pushing, tape handling characteristics, picture quality and great special features didn't matter a flip to most consumers. Sony was mystified, everything they stood for didn't cut it this time. They were the symbol of excellence and now they had something superior and no matter what they did to try and save it, it was failing. They were very innovative, true to form for Sony, but VHS sales continued to rise and the Beta's market share dwindled to nothing. In retrospect Sony made lots of errors, from not being able to meet the demand for their video tapes early on, licensing problems, the Beta I fiasco (the Beta II only machine), insisting on using mini phone jacks for audio when the rest of the world used phono plugs, the confusing tape length numbering; the list goes on. It really stands as a testimonial to Sony's strength that they maintained there dignity and market image through all of it. A lesser company could of came out of it all as a broken down joke, but Sony didn't. I only wished they had continued on, recognizing that VHS was for the masses, and not treated Beta in the later years like the crazy aunt tied up in the basement.

However, rentals and VHS sales showed the highest rate in 2002

I believe that's what helped continue the VHS sales trend

Originally sprouting onto the big screen in the 1990 surprise cult hit Tremors starring Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward and Finn Carter. The film portrayed the story of a small isolated town in America that becomes terrorised by giant flesh-eating worms. Think Earthworm Jim on a very very bad day. Although the film was not a theatrical success the VHS sales and rentals tripled the film’s box office gross. So lets look at the Tremors story so far….

Before hollywood pulled the plug on a guaranteed revenue stream, VHS sales were 300 million a year

Last year, DVD sales surpassed VHS sales for the first time

DVD sales and rentals exeeded VHS sales and rentals for the first time. This year, Best Buy announces it will stop selling VHSs. Five years later, JVC produces its last stand-alone VCR.