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The Muslim Histories and Cultures Project was born out of discussions between His Highness The Aga Khan and Texas Governor Rick Perry during the Summer 2002, when The Aga Khan was in Houston for the dedication of a new Ismaili Center. Both His Highness and Governor Perry agreed on the need for Texans to have a greater understanding of Islamic culture, and subsequently brought UT-Austin President Larry Faulkner into the discussions. Located in the state capital, Faulkner’s campus is well positioned to accomplish these goals. A series of meetings followed, with the project ultimately finding a home in UT-Austin’s College of Liberal Arts, under the guidance of Dean Richard W. Lariviere, in association with UT Liberal Arts (UT-LA), the college’s teacher preparation program.

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His other schools are Centre, Southwestern, and UT Liberal Arts Honors program.

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Finally, D'Souza sees to it that the interests of science students are antagonistic to that of liberal arts students - a tactic we saw repeated at UT- Austin:

Yet, a student can still get an excellent education - among the best in the world - in computer technology and the hard sciences at American universities. But liberal arts students, including those attending Ivy League schools, are very likely to be exposed to an attempted brainwashing that deprecates Western learning and exalts a neo-Marxist ideology promoted in the name of multiculturalism. Even students who choose hard sciences must often take required courses in the humanities, where they are almost certain to be inundated with anti-Western, anti-capitalist view of the world. (sic, p. 86)

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Cunningham was not the only one who had received a letter concerning the course. Anne Blakeney, a Dallas resident and member of the UT Liberal Arts Foundation Council (many of whom donate about $1000 a year to the College of Liberal Arts) wrote Gribben after reading his editorial in the . As one internal opponent to the E306 changes, Gribben's response to Blakeney on July 9 indicates a sense of defeat by a powerful multiculturalism movement that could not be stopped without top level administrative intervention - that would come only 12 days later. Gribben suggested to Blakeney that:

*The English department should be placed in receivership indefinitely, with someone like Donald Foss (chairman of the Psychology department) as its director for several years; and then be governed by a new English chairman appointed directly by Gerhard Fonken, executive vice president and provost; and
*During this period of receivership the department faculty should be divided into a Department of critical Theory and Cultural Studies and a Department of Literature and Language. This division of the radical theorists from the remaining traditional scholars would give the latter the freedom to offer a true literature and writing program. Or
*Barring the accomplishment of these steps, the two University-wide required English courses (E306, E316K) should be abolished, thus ending the necessity of hiring additional English professors at the rate they have been recruited from the most radicalized (but prestigious) graduate programs across the nation.

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1987, UT Liberal Arts Council Workshop: the Letter of Recommendation: Form, Style, and Audience, UT

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