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Having said that, promo_sen and some other dealers have informed me that it is indeed a very rare card - they're convinced it is one of the rarest Pokémon cards in existence, and have shown be some pictures of all the early trophy cards, including Univesity Magikarp, in Japanese articles together. I think that some of the rarity comes from the fact that the card was given to younger children as prizes. Obviously, younger children do not always realise how valuable a small card can be... though the same dealer selling the First trophy cards is selling the University Magikarp for £1295!

University Magikarp: Japanese Japan

(the University Magikarp) happened in the Red/Blue/Green versions of the game.

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This "combined" listing was made in order to have all of theJapanese promo cards in one place. This listing is for individual promocards and not for promo sets. Promo sets (such as the Neo"Binder" sets are listed under a separate set listing. Thislisting incorporates all of the Japanese Promo lists on POJO (such as Coro Corolisting and Black Star) as well as many individual cards that did not fit anyprevious listing. This listing was intended to cover all of the JapaneseJumbo, regular, and "Post Card" cards released in Japan to date. There are a few cards missing at this time (such as Illustrator Pikachu &Tamaushi University Magikarp). These cards will be added as soon asinformation becomes available.

Pokemon 1998 University Magikarp Trophy Card PSA 8

anywhay, i guess that all this is beside the pont, so my new, modified estimate is $250 if you want to sell it fast. sorry LT surge You should see what they pay for that University Magikarp ;)

Japanese Promo Pokemon Card Tamamushi University Magikarp Prize | eBay
There are a few cards missing at this time (such as Illustrator Pikachu & Tamaushi University Magikarp)

This card was released as a promotional card

Tamamushi University Magikarp card, complete with certificate, result sheet, two unused pencils and notebook

There is no excuse for using Magikarp, at all

University Magikarp Card; 9

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