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After aid cars took everyone to the hospital, the Waseen family looked at the hills across river and saw Chelan burning. They had gone from sunshine and relaxation to wind and waves, danger and fire. “We were thankful to be safe on dry land,” Waseen said. “We still relive the experiences of that unforgettable day.”

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That Unforgettable Day--The Great Tokyo Air Raid through Drawings あの日を忘れない・描かれた東京大空襲

Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea


Even though I am living in the United States now, I still keep in my mind a very frightening incident that happened to my family in Viet Nam when I was a little boy twenty years ago. Before this event happened, I had had a very wonderful childhood. I lived happily with my whole family including my parents, my oldest brother, and my two uncles. My father was a captain in Vietnamese Republic Army and my uncles were pilots in Vietnamese Republic Air Force. Our lives were so happy that everyone in our family thought we could live together in happiness and warmth forever. Suddently, everything was changed unexpectedly in one day, a terrible day that the Vietnamese Republic government surrendered to the Vietnamese Communist army. As the result, the structure of my family was spilt apart. That day was a nightmare and unforgettable for me as well as my people.
It was a mournful morning in May 1975. There was nothing to see from the window except the falling water beating on the streets and the roof of our house. They made a sound like thousands of drum beats. Outside, some Vietnamese Communist soldiers were walking along the street searching for Vietnamese Republic soldiers. Inside our house, everybody got up early in that morning, and we had breakfast together as usual. The only unusual change was two empty chairs that belonged to my two uncles

who had flown to the united states right at the day the Communist force invaded Sai Gon. After breakfast, my father sat in the sofa. He said nothing but he looked really worried. My mother and brother sat near the window talking about the brutal policies of the Communist government. My brother looked nervous and my mother looked very anxious about what would happen to our family. Their conversation did not last too long. It was interrupted by some loud noise outside the door. In fact, we heard footsteps, shouts, and knocks outside. After a while, I ...

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A perfect piece to celebrate an Unforgettable day. Their clothes are totally contemporary with all the traditional details but from an updated point of view. He wears dark jacket and a light colour tie. She wears a simple tied up hair and an elegant dress leaving her shoulders uncovered. Standing out is the ornamentation on the dress, which reproduces an embroidery of elegant flowers, as well as the pearl bracelet around her wrist. Their warm attitude, hand in hand, transmits their love promise forever.

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A perfect piece to celebrate an Unforgettable day

The ceremony was held in the special hall in the YMBA building. At 8.30 a.m., my function started and they invited my mother and father to pin the badge.
After the ceremonial occasion we came home very happily. It was an unforgettable day in my life.

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