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Most of the isolated peoples that anthropologists studied around the world in past generations are now in dismal situations. Small indigenous societies have suffered as a consequence of the spread of western culture over the last century. Some of these peoples have died out, while most are in terminal phases of the stressful process of rapid acculturation. This radical, often painful culture change is occurring mostly in underdeveloped nations today. These countries have persistent low levels ofliving that can be linked historically to the manner of their integration into the world economic system. They usually provide cheap raw materials and labor. Their natural and human resources are bought cheaply by rich nations and transnational corporations.

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The Four Tigers followed a strategy of export-oriented industrialization, in which they moved from the status of developing country to that of NIC in the 1970s and 1980s. These nations ambitiously took Japan as a role model, but concentrated on light manufacturing. The Tigers have been held up by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as models for other developing and underdeveloped nations. However, export-oriented growth isn't possible for every nation, especially when other nations, including China and some industrialized nations, still engage in protectionism.

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People in underdeveloped nations often live in dire poverty. Such factors as structuralad justment policies of the Bretton Woods institutions are a factor in theunderdevelopment and the ills of those in these nations.

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Driving all of these global changes has been a dramatic increase in the size of the human population. Our numbers have doubled over the last 4 decades. However, only 5% of that growth has occurred in the developed nations. Because the underdeveloped nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are generating nearly all of the population growth, we will have added the equivalent of 3 more impoverished sub-Saharan Africas to the world within a quarter of a century.

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Safety and Efficacy of Pacemaker Reuse in Underdeveloped Nations

It is increasingly evident that the high standard of living enjoyed by Japan and the Euro-American industrialized nations is causally related to the continuing poverty of the underdeveloped nations. In other words, one of the reasons why the advanced industrialized powers are so rich is that they have been systematically looting the natural resources and exploiting the labour of the underdeveloped peoples. This looting and exploitation has been made possible in no small measure by political-militaryconquest and control. The underdeveloped nations can be expected to intensify their struggle for a larger share of the world's industrial wealth by confiscating foreign investments and by actions aimed at forcing up the price of raw materials and tropical products. Ultimately they may resort to war to force a redistribution of wealth. The reliance of the developed nations upon military strength to maintain international inequality is hazardous for all of us. The threat of war will not be removed until (1) internationalinequalities in standards of living are abolished; (2) population size is brought under control everywhere through medical abortions or contraception; and (3) a system of mutual security based upon internationally supervised disarmament is created. Given the catastrophic potential of nuclear weaponry, additional delays in achieving these fundamental changes in world culture may very well result in the extinction of our species. Ignorance is the sole ground for being optimistic about our chances. As George GaylordSimpson has warned, the ability of any species to survive is exceptional:

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People in underdeveloped nations often live in dire poverty

The rate of globalization has been accelerating over the last decade. Contributing factors in making the world a smaller place have been the spread of Internet and email access as well as massive levels of international travel. Every year, approximately 8 million Americans travel to other countries on business trips and 19 million visit other parts of the world as tourists. Frequent international travel is by no means limited to Americans. It has become common for people in the industrialized regionsof the world. However, the majority of those living in underdeveloped nations do not travel internationally nor do they have Internet access. Over half of all North Americans are using the Internet, but only 1% of the people in Africa and the Middle East have it available to them. However, images, values, and tastes from the Western World are now flooding virtually all nations via television, movies, print advertising, and commercial products.