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Fidel Castro's life story is not the story of the leader of a poor underdeveloped nation struggling to survive against the fierce opposition of the United States. For four decades, Castro purposely stood at the center of the dangerous game the United States, the Soviet Union and sometimes China played for political pre-eminence in the Third World. By deftly manipulating the opportunities afforded Cuba by the Cold War, he managed to turn his island into a launching pad for the projection of his leadership throughout the world.

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That spot on the security council makes China an easy pick to become the one underdeveloped nation that becomes powerful in the 2020s, but I'm just not convinced.

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In spite of the fact that most of the profits made enrich the developed nations more than the underdeveloped, the latter clamor nonetheless for more foreign capital investments to buttress the existing property relations in their own countries. But capital is not eager to invest, not only because of the competing demand for capital in the developed countries, but also because investments in many underdeveloped countries – which are nations in permanent crisis conditions – are no longer secure. Interested mainly in natural resources such as oil and metals, foreign investors foster a one-sided development which perpetuates the poor countries’ dependence on the rich nations and prevents their more general development. There are exceptions, of course, finding their cause in a geographical proximity between developed and underdeveloped nations. In Mexico and Cuba, for instance, American capital has tried to enter all strategic industries. American businesses owned 60 per cent of all Cuban industries from cosmetics to sugar cane. But this proximity did not prevent the rise of revolutionary social movements and governments. They restricted and even expropriated foreign capital in the name of a free national development, and set themselves against the specific profit needs of the great industrial and financial empires. Because such movements have been widespread and threaten to raise their heads again, private capital has no great desire to invest in underdeveloped areas, where it faces not only economic but also political risks.

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“In the U.S., it's less likely that a baby is born prematurely than in an underdeveloped nation

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This paper describes about the major issues and challenges in the development of the electronic banking (e-banking) industry of a relatively underdeveloped nation. This research shows that even in many less developed nations, the application of e-banking can help their local banks reduce operating costs and provide a better and fast service to their customers. The research objectives are to investigate the current trends and developments in e-banking and provide managerial insights for the banking industry in those underdeveloped nations. The collected data are examined through statistical analysis tools. Managerial implications are discussed with suggestions for future research.

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Underdevelopment is a key geographical issue in the modern world, as it is considered to be characteristic of a country which possesses a certain number of problems. Such problems, like extreme poverty or a low HDI, may be seen as consequences of an underdeveloped nation, but they may also be seen as the causes for its underdevelopment. Today we classify different countries in different groups, ranging from the less economically developed countries (LEDCs) to the more economically developed countries (MEDCs), according to the level of development which a country may find itself in. Each country’s level of development is a consequence of its history; a low level of development is a result of specific causes that may be as simple as debt which encumber a country economically, or as complex as a state of political instability.

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Aside from colonial control and trade discrimination, a country or area may stay underdeveloped because of a deficiency of natural resources such as arable land and mineral deposits. Surpluses may be unattainable; and thus industrial development will be impossible, except such as is introduced from without, which affects only particular resources – oil and gas in the Sahara for instance. However, underdevelopment exists in countries or territories whether or not they have adequate natural resources. It even exists within capitalist nations as, for example, in Italy, whose highly industrialized North and very backward, agricultural South repeats on a national scale the international division of poor and rich territories. While there are some parts of the world that cannot in any meaningful way be industrially developed, this has nothing to do with the problem of underdevelopment in nations potentially capable of economic growth.