In August 2014, the UIUC leadership revoked a tenured job offer to Dr

The Salaita campaign, meanwhile, has brought unprecedented national and international heat on the UIUC leadership to reverse Salaita's firing and account for its discriminatory treatment against a leading Arab-American scholar. Salaita's case has become a symbol in the struggles for academic freedom, Palestinian human rights and academic activism.

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In fact, even if one deplores my viewpoints, that person cannot reasonably support the conduct of the UIUC leadership. As you all well know, the University’s malfeasance—and your considered response—have a lasting effect far beyond this individual academic.

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Several lessons may be drawn from the Salaita case in relation to the larger campus movement against Israeli apartheid. First, his firing exposes the structural and ideological complicity between university campus administrations and state support for Israel. Phyllis Wise was one of more than 250 university presidents and chancellors who opposed the ASA vote to boycott Israeli universities last December. The rejection was a reminder that university chancellors and boards of trustees at state universities like those at UIUC are typically appointed by state governors and receive funding from state legislatures, all of which act as watchdogs for US interests in Israel. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, for example, who appointed eight of the eleven UIUC Board of Trustees, is a strong ally of Israel and Zionist groups in Chicago. Two members of the Illinois State Senate, Peter Roskam and Dan Lipinksi, sponsored federal legislation seeking to withdraw state support from academics who engage in the boycott.19 Ira Silverstein, a Chicago Democrat, introduced separate legislation in the Illinois Senate seeking to do the same.20 In firing Salaita, an open advocate for the academic boycott, UIUC leadership acted in loco parentis for Zionist interests at the state level.

Even if someone disagrees with his viewpoints, Salaita said,
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Even if someone disagrees with his viewpoints, Salaita said, "that person cannot reasonably support the conduct of the UIUC leadership.".

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