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Earlier in 2013, Prof. Gürel was selected by the UIUC ECE (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) Alumni Board of Directors as a recipient of its Distinguished Alumni Award. Given to only a few alumni each year to honor and highlight outstanding professional and technical contributions, this was the highest and most prestigious award that could be bestowed on Prof. Gürel as a UIUC ECE alumnus. He was selected on the basis of his contributions to parallel computing, fast solvers and accurate solutions of the world’s largest real-life problems in computational electromagnetics.

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UIUC ECE 395 Project: Ball Robot

UIUC ECE 487 Lecture 7 Tight Binding Model

Not really sure how UIUC compares to the other schools you listed, but I would think that if UIUC ECE is as rigorous as MIT, it would also be able to compare with Stanford, CMU, and Berkeley.

UIUC ECE 385 Fall 2013 - Galaga (VHDL)

I also know a graduate student at MIT who got her undergrad degree from UIUC. She also told me that she felt the UIUC ECE curriculum was just as good as if not better than the MIT EECS curriculum. She felt she was just as prepared for graduate school as the graduate students who had gotten their undergrad degrees from MIT.

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UIUC ECE 291/390 Assembly Programming Courseware · GitHub

UIUC ECE 291/390 Assembly Programming Courseware

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In 2006, he received the UIUC ECE Ronald W

Gabriel Walter is also appointed as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at UIUC ECE Dept

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