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“When I was in high school, I volunteered at a hospital, and the very first day, I watched a delivery,” Sarah Post, a fourth-year UCI nursing student, said. “The nurse told me that I’d either want to throw up, faint or cry. I ended up crying because it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I knew then my interest in this field had been affirmed.”

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The UCI Nursing Science Supplemental Application must be submitted by November 30, 2015.

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i currently go to uci as an undergrad and did not enter as a nursing major. later on i decided i wanted to go into nursing, but transferring into their bsn program after being admitted is extremely difficult. my friend had pretty solid grades in his biology classes and could not get in. my friend who is in their program however, said that she just entered uci under that degree and did not have to deal with applying or anything. big suggestion to applying seniors to uci very interested in nursing and will probably end up there: go into uci under nursing, it will save you soo much time and money! my nursing friend will be 21 or 22 upon graduation and assuming that she passes her test, she can start working immediately. hope that helps!

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Then this week, UCI put a key nurse leader, Lilliam Triana, RN, on investigatory leave for investigating one of the terminations, a case where one of Triana's colleagues was fired after she reported a serious medication problem in the UCI newborn nursery....

The whole thing is extremely fishy. It would be great if there were some UCI nurses out there who could comment on this.
At the SOS-El Sol Wellness Center, under the guidance of UCI nursing science faculty, students pursuing either a bachelor's or a nurse practitioner master's degree will gain hands-on experience in community-based healthcare.
If you have any questions, message me or ask in this thread. Also, congrats to all the fellow 2016 UCI nursing students!

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To expand the wellness center's health assessment services, UCI's nursing science program to partner with El Sol and Share Our Selves, a nonprofit, Costa Mesa-based poverty relief agency that oversees existing medical, dental and behavioral services. The center is staffed by UCI nurse practitioner faculty members — including Phillips, Camille Fitzpatrick and Susan Tiso — and Alina Matutes from Share Our Selves. Phillips talked to ZotZine about the endeavor.

It houses the nurse-managed practice established by the UCI nursing science program

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In a bustling trailer at the El Sol Science & Arts Academy in downtown Santa Ana, UC Irvine's Program in Nursing Science offers a window to healthcare's future. Children and their parents fill a sparse waiting area, but the people in white coats who move from room to room seeing the young patients aren't physicians. They're nurse practitioners and UCI nursing students.

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Our vision for nursing excellence guides our selection of specific goals to enhance overall organizational performance and advance nursing science. This is accomplished by employing a shared governance model and providing competent, inspiring leadership. Nursing at UCI embodies the spirit and practice of caring for patients, families, and the community. There are over 1300 nurses who represent UCI Nursing.
They are passionate in their delivery of high quality patient centered care and dedicated to their practice of caring. Our nurses professional caring can be seen when they advocate for patients unable to do so for themselves, guide patients through the complexity of our care environment and, above all else, truly engage with our patients and their own professional practice. They also advance the nursing profession beyond the University of California Irvine by conducting research, presenting their work at conferences, and participating in professional organizations.