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I'm already taking classes at my local CC where the credits transfer to both UIUC and NIU. At Northern I also plan to take classes which would transfer to Illinois. I also already have some AP credit.

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So i was wondering does anyone think its possible to transfer to uiuc business after year

Can i get transfer to uiuc computer science

Pre-Engineering at EIU is a program that provides the first rwo years of a four-year engineering degree. The third year a student will enter an engineering program at EIU. Another option allows a student to transfer to UIUC or to SIUC their fourth year for a double bachelor's degree in engineering. Engineering programs include Aeronautical, Bioengineering, Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Nuclear, and more. For more info go to

Got a transfer to UIUC and would enter in my second year

It all starts with meeting the advisors, which during registration seems almost impossible but necessary since it's mandatory. I don't know how many times I've told them I don't want to transfer to UIUC, which results in them looking at me like I'm crazy.

How can I make sure it will transfer to UIUC to fill a requirement
(3) take one course elsewhere that transferred for partial credit toward the Composition I requirement, but still need one more course to fulfill the UIUC requirement? If only one of your previous composition courses transferred into UIUC for credit, you need to take Rhetoric 233: Advanced Composition. Rhetoric 233 normally fulfills the advanced composition general education requirement at UIUC, so it is typically taken by students who have already taken Rhetoric 105 here. For transfer students with partial Composition I credit, however, Rhetoric 233 will complete the Composition I and fulfill the Advanced Composition requirements at UIUC.@Jill, you are right. I know a newly minted Maine South grad who was lamenting how hard it’s become to get into U of I/Urbana-Champaign with so many high achieving classmates all vying to get in. He didn’t get in so has elected to enroll in community college and hopes to transfer to UIUC in a year or two. Interestingly, Maine south’s district just voted to drop class rankings, following the lead of New Trier and other suburban districts.The ISU physics department offers future engineers transfer opportunities with the at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), one of the top engineering programs in the country. Our advisors know the UIUC program thoroughly and will assist students to take just the right courses to smooth the transition. Our Engineering Physics students are nearly 100% successful in completing their engineering degrees after transfer -- you will be well prepared at ISU!

Students may transfer to UIUC any school term. Fall transfers have the opportunity to pre-register and receive advisement during the summer. Students seeking to transfer must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8 (A = 4.0) to apply, but competitive standards for admission to some UIUC departments are higher. IN addition, UIUC transfer standards can vary from year to year.

The following UIUC programs are available:
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Most students who transfer to UIUC from other colleges and universities will need to have completed a two-course sequence at their previous school in order to receive full credit for this requirement upon transferring to UIUC. Please read the options below to see whether (1) the course(s) you took previously will automatically transfer in; (2) whether you need to see your advisor for more help with transfer credit; (3) or whether you need to enroll in an additional Rhetoric course at UIUC in order to fulfill the Composition I requirement.

Parkland course, Transfers to UIUC as… Counts toward… CSC 123 Computer Science I, CS 101, CS 105

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"COD's Pathways to Engineering program is helping me get the right education that I need for my career, as well as the phenomenal opportunity to automatically transfer to UIUC for engineering, which was my otherwise number one choice for college."

HI,Madame: As a freshman in china,I want to transfer to UIUC,Is it must that the SAT or ACT

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(1) take a course or courses at an Illinois state college or Illinois community college? First-year composition courses taken at Illinois state colleges or community colleges may receive full credit when transferred to UIUC if they participate in the Illinois Articulation Agreement program. to see what schools participate in the program.