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Tongan immigration to the U.S. has remained constant since the 1960s, attributed in part to a search for better economic opportunities (). According to the 2000 Census, there were 36,840 Tongans in the U.S.; about 41% (15,252) lived in California (). The vast majority of the Tongan American diaspora settled in the western United States: California, Hawaii, Washington, Arizona, Utah and Texas. In California, the Tongan population is found in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas. Tongan Americans that live in Los Angeles County live in cities such as: Lennox, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Long Beach, Lakewood, Compton, Bell Flower, Norwalk, Hacienda Heights, and Pomona; in Orange County: Anaheim, Buena Park and Santa Ana; and in San Bernardino County: San Bernardino, Fontana, Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga. Tongan Americans are also found in Riverside and San Diego Counties. There were approximately 5,085 Tongan Americans in Southern California (); 47% were foreign-born, and 33% reported having become naturalized citizens (). It is important to note that census data are thought to undercount minority and immigrant communities who are suspicious of government institutions (; ).

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A little after sunrise we went through the pass in the coral reef around Nuiatoputapu; the seas flattened out, but the winds and the lousy weather continued. Six other boats were already anchored there. The Tongan immigration, customs, and health officials all wanted to be dinghied out to our boat to complete the necessary paper work. When there, they asked for beer and soda. This was a "first" for us, but we had been forewarned over the radio to give them one can. Adolf, on Rose'l, said he didn't have beer or soda, and offered a drink of liquor. When the custom's man left, he asked to take the bottle, to which Adolf agreed very reluctantly.

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Viliami “Pila” Hau, 56, of Waimanalo, a Tongan immigration case manager, died in Kailua. He was born in Tonga. He is survived by son Viliami II and Sami; daughters Leimomi Perry and Ashley, Tasha and Lavinia Hau; brothers Sione, Tevita, Mohetau and Osai; sisters Finau, Asena, Meita, Emma, Lavi and Vika; and five grandchildren. Visitation: 9 a.m. Saturday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Chapel, Kailua Tongan Ward. Services: 2 p.m.

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The traditions of Tongan immigration are too numerous tobe set down here. From 1790, if not earlier, an expedition toFiji was an annual occurrence. The most important was thearrival of the Tui Tonga's canoe in Taveuni, from whichsprang the chief family of the Tui Thakau, and the strandingof the two little old men who instituted the Cult,which recalls the rites of the Polynesian . The chiefsof the Nandronga and Viwa (Yasawa) also trace theirdescent from Tongan castaways, and are very proud of theconnection.Auckland University of Technology Master's Degree student Edmond Fehoko undertook the research and says kava clubs have existed in New Zealand since early days of Tongan immigration; his research focused particularly on the role the clubs play in the lives of New Zealand-born Tongan males.
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Tourism in the Kingdom
Tourism is slowly increasing in the Kingdom, tourist numbers have doubled in the last 10 years, while foreign earnings have quadrupled in the same period. Tourist numbers are still VERY modest at less than 90,000 per year and come from cruising yachties, cruise ships, and air passengers of course. So what is holding tourism back? A lack of infrastructure, customer service ethic and financial encouragement to invest.

In 2010 we will possibly see a second airline in the Kingdom, more direct international flights direct into Vava'u (the main tourist destination) and increased training by APTC into the tourism market. Below is a graph showing tourist number and earning trends bsed on data supplied from Tongan Inland Revenue Service and Tongan Immigration.

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The federal government has placed young Galloping Green Hame Tali, left, and his brother Tony in immigration detention at Villawood.
The Wests Tigers recently offered teenager Tony Tali a three-year deal after earmarking him as a ¬future NRL star. Randwick rugby union have similar hopes for his older brother, Hame Tali, a player with so much talent that the Club’s Director of Rugby, Nick Ryan, claimed the world was his oyster.

Much of the Tongan immigration has been reaction to the gen- eral economic situation in Tonga

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The imprint of the Tongan immigration is to be seen, not only in the blood of the tribes with whom the immigrants mingled, but in their mythology, for whereas the religion of the inland tribes is pure ancestor-worship, that of the coast tribes is overlaid with a mythology that is evidently derived from Polynesian sources.