cause i'm so tired of living alone

ISABEL Cats — Dot has relocated to Isabel from his former home at the Bell Center. Sonny got tired of living alone at Storch and now lives with his buds Greyson and Jupiter, a gray-and-white cat. Greyson is the newest addition to the gang.

Cause I'm tired of living alone.

I am tired of living alone with my cat

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Long, long ago, as far back as the time when animals spoke, there lived a community of cats in a deserted house they had taken possession of not far from a large town. They had everything they could possibly desire for their comfort, they were well fed and well lodged, and if by any chance an unlucky mouse was stupid enough to venture in their way, they caught it, not to eat it, but for the pure pleasure of catching it. The old people of the town related how they had heard their parents speak of a time when the whole country was so overrun with rats and mice that there was not so much as a grain of corn nor an ear of maize to be gathered in the fields; and it might be out of gratitude to the cats who had rid the country of these plagues that their descendants were allowed to live in peace. No one knows where they got the money to pay for everything, nor who paid it, for all this happened so very long ago. But one thing is certain, they were rich enough to keep a servant; for though they lived very happily together, and did not scratch nor fight more than human beings would have done, they were not clever enough to do the housework themselves, and preferred at all events to have some one to cook their meat, which they would have scorned to eat raw. Not only were they very difficult to please about the housework, but most women quickly tired of living alone with only cats for companions, consequently they never kept a servant long; and it had become a saying in the town, when anyone found herself reduced to her last penny: 'I will go and live with the cats,' and so many a poor woman actually did.

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They pulled in , afriend from work who had gotten tired of living alone. They pulled in and , with whom had spent much of the spring of 92 getting trashed. was a friend from Parringtonlooking for inexpensive housing. was a friend from the UCSC computer system who wanted a housing change.

Oh I wish I had someone to love meSomeone to call me their ownI wish I had someone to live withI’m tired of living alone.
DESCRIPTION: "I'm tired of living alone. I went to the river, and I saw a pretty rose, I plucked it and called it my own. A rose will fade, and so will a maid; I'm tired of living alone."Gene: Let it never be said that I am not a man of my word. Here: the key to the penthouse. Enjoy it.
Ralph: Gene, wait! This isn’t what I wanted!
Gene: Well, what did you want, Ralph?
Ralph: I don’t know, I was just tired of living alone in the garbage.
Gene: Well, now you can live alone in the penthouse.Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

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Lonnie Johnson Vol. 4 (1928 - 1929)

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Auto-generated by YouTube."I wanted a forever home."

I had a beautiful, big house and garden, but I was tired of living alone. I wanted to make this my last move, to be taken care of—I wanted a forever home.

When my parents got to that point, they moved to a CCRC in Pennsylvania. It was such a blessing. I realized what a great gift they’d given me and I wanted to do the same for my family.

My friends thought I was crazy, coming at age 77, but that definitely gave me an advantage. I came when I could get involved and enjoy it in every way. I was going to move when the new building was completed, but then I saw this apartment. It was ideal. Downsizing was worth it. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location. I can walk to just about anything in town.

I was elected president of the Residents Association soon after I moved in. The Executive Director also asked me to oversee the garden; I had a showcase garden in Rumson, so I couldn’t have been happier.

Dinner hour is social hour, the time of day when you get together and get to know each other. I wanted to meet new people. The hostess knows all of us and always seats me with somebody different, which I love. That’s what I was missing the most, people. You get involved. You care for each other and look out for each other.

I was ill and had to make use of the health services. They helped me through it. They were with me. It affirmed the reasons why I came here. When I got sick here, I felt such an outpouring of love: flowers, phone calls. It really feels like family.

Perhaps they’ve grown tired of living alone.

I just love reading the stories of people on their path. It enriches my life and my desire to make a change. I have worked most of you awesome workbook, I am ready to explore the possibilties in the beloved Asheville area. I like what Janice said about visiting the notion of living with someone you’re not related to or friends with . I want to share a place with someone because I am tired of living alone, it’s financially better for me and I enjoy being around awesome women. Thank being said, I look forward to my visit in October to see what unfolds.

You're tired of living alone


I'm So Tired Of Living All Alone (1928)

So tired of sighin'.
So tired of cryin'.
I'm so tired of livin' all alone.

All my days seem weary.
The skies seem dreary.
And I'm all alone and where must I roam?

I'm tired of living alone

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Shanell was 16 and seven months pregnant; a streetwise bully with a bad attitude. She'd been a ward of the court since she was 11, when she got tired of living alone on the streets and called authorities on her crack-addict mother.