Best Answer: The main theme of Beowulf is heroism

Beowulf exhibits different pagan concepts such as �wyrd� and vengeance, each of which plays a central role in the narrative. These concepts, however, seem to be tied in with the elements of Christianity exhibited in the work. The author reconciles many pagan concepts with regard to elements of Christianity despite their sometimes obvious and direct contrast. Perhaps this was done to show the way in which both pagan concepts and Christianity were interrelated. As Thomas D. Hill states in his essay �The Christian Language and Theme of Beowulf�, the Beowulf poet is presenting a radical synthesis of pagan and Christian history- which is seemingly without parallel in Anglo Saxon or Anglo-Latin literature.

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Major Themes of Beowulf Strength, Power, Heroism, and Courage

King Hrothgar from Denmark built heorot where his warriors could drink and listen to each others stories. But all the loud noise that comes from the dining hall of heorot, angers Grendel, who is a large gross-looking demon that lives in the swampland of King Hrothgars’ kingdom. Grendel terrorizes the Danes Day and night, Grendel has feared the Danes of himself. King Hrothgar has set up a challenge for whoever wishes to fight off and kill Grendel; eventually a warrior named Beowulf accepts his challenge and sets off to kill Grendel. After Beowulf sails to Denmark to defeat Grendel, King Hrothgar holds a feast in honor of Beowulf for challenging Grendel. Grendel arrives later that evening and Beowulf fights Grendel unarmed. Grendel begins to struggle and then Beowulf tears Grendel’s arm off and hangs it from the ceiling of heorot to show his success and victory. Then Grendel’s mother, another swamp monster, comes to heorot for revenge on her son’s death. The theme of Beowulf is bravery and loyalty, and I would say the major conflicts are the fight between Grendel and Beowulf, the fight between Grendel’s mom and Beowulf, and Beowulf and the dragon.

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2. The king's traditional scop composed a new theme of Beowulf's triumphs. Could this be the first Beowulf poem?


It's the rare case where writers doing an adaptation of a story manage to tell it in a way that can be considered an improvement of not just how the story is told, but the plot itself. And despite a focus on battles and violence, the true theme of Beowulf, aside from the dangers of a lust for power and how every action has a cost, is the power of storytelling, which makes for a very meta experience, considering the original tale's status as a story. The folk tales spun by and about the hero are just as important to his reputation as anything he's actually done. This very contemporary angle on a very ancient yarn is just one example of how thoughtful Gaiman and Avery's adaptation is. It's also just one way in which a modern sensibility sneaks in, as the film also manages to have a bit of fun, thanks to Beowulf's predilection toward battling in the buff, as it uses every convenient shadow and jutted out obstruction to keep his Great Dane from sight.

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The main theme of Beowulf is heroism. This involves far more than physical courage. It also means that the warrior must fulfil his obligations to the group of which he is a key member. There is a clear-cut network of social duties depicted in the poem. The king has an obligation to behave with generosity. He must reward his thanes with valuable gifts for their defense of the tribe and their success in battle. This is why King Hrothgar is known as the "ring-giver." He behaves according to expectations of the duties of a lord when he lavishly rewards Beowulf and the other Geat warriors for ridding the Danes of Grendel's menace.

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