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Occasionally through the book the narration switches without warning or explanation from third person to first person, with the story told by Esteban. This is a rather extraordinary literary device that I have never encountered before. It is rather disorienting, and seems almost like one of those Picasso cubist paintings of the sorrowful woman where she is both in profile and front on. We get used to Esteban as a character, and suddenly he is the narrator.

It is Niobe the sorrowful woman from Greek Tragedy.

The sorrowful woman then drowned herself in the sea, and a temple was erected to commemorate her

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It is Baker’s quiet performance as the ironically named Joy, the sorrowful woman with whom Nolan shares a peaceable but sexless union, that manages to bridge these styles and suggest a certain plausibility to Nolan’s bizarre isolation, reflecting back her own version of married solitude. She yells at her husband only once; the moment feels rote and out of place in a film that is so determinedly low-key.

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Antonio begins to question the answers of religion when he sees Lupito killed. Anaya accomplishes a great deal by having Antonio as a child narrator. Antonio can ask the basic questions of received wisdom, questions adults have long since reconciled or forgotten. He asks these questions with a pure heart, not a cynical skepticism. His most urgent question has to do with forgiveness. He searches among religious traditions he knows to find which will satisfy his desire to see Lupito forgiven. As he understands it, the Catholic church has a very rigid schema for determining sin and judgment. Lupito will go to hell because he has committed a mortal sin without confession before he was killed. The second tradition, that which reveres the river as a sort of god, would see the river washing Lupito's blood downstream where it would fertilize the crops of the Lunas. The third possibility for life after death is that of la Llorona. She is the sorrowful woman who haunts the banks of the Guadalupe river looking for her lost sons. Antonio wonders if he will have to fear Lupito as well as la Llorona when he goes to the river at night.

When confronted with the Queen of Swords, you are asked to attempt to help the sorrowful woman come to terms with her misery.
The characters in this selection are not given names (Godwin 33); this signifies that the characters are playing a universal role. The epigraph at the beginning of story suggests that she was not meant to be a wife and a mother (Godwin 33). The reason for this conclusion is because once upon a time implies that she thought her life as a wife and mother would be perfect. The sorrowful woman hit her child on purpose so that her husband would see it (Godwin 34). In a fairy tale the mother would be happy to spend time with her family. Godwin makes fun of fairy tales by having the characters do all the opposite things of characters in a fairy tale. When the sight of her family made her so gloomy and sick that she never wanted to see them again (Godwin 33). There was nothing that would relieve the sorrowful woman of her depression. Her husband gives her a sleeping drought that further depresses her, instead of revitalizing her (Godwin 35). He seemed to be eager to do whatever he could to please his wife because he thought that would make her happy. In “A Sorrowful Woman” the wife dies instead of living happily ever after, which is quite the opposite of “The Sleeping Beauty (Godwin 37).”Discuss your feelings about “the sorrowful woman”; does this character remain a sympathetic character in spite of her refusal to be a traditional wife?
The sorrowful woman hit her child on purpose so that her husband would see it (Godwin 34)

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"A sorrowful woman "is a short story by Gail Godwin's based on the mother and a wife overwhelmed with her child and husband and gradually withdraws from them. The sorrowful woman completely shuts her husband and child out of her life. The dissatisfaction in the life of the sorrowful woman is because of the fact that she is not happy with the roles of a mother and wife and attempts different approaches in order to fulfill these roles but still, she gets no satisfaction in her duties (Gail, pgs 1). The sorrowful woman finds it difficult to cope with diverse choices she encounters as opposed to the traditionally specific roles. In comparison to her female counterparts in the era of gender equality, the sorrowful woman seems to lag behind in this modern era. This paper therefore provides a detailed analysis, highlighting the plot, the character of the protagonist and professional view on the story of the "sorrowful woman".

This is a close-up of when Jesus Meets the sorrowful woman of Jerusalem

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The sorrowful woman, head in hands, and the male figure with his brow clouded by shadow call to mind the fallen Adam and Eve with the Tree of Knowledge behind them.

She is the sorrowful woman who haunts the banks of the Guadalupe river looking for her lost sons

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Houdini has a statue of Niobe at his grave site. It's very beautiful. I have asked many people from many different cultures, if they recognize who it is or what it represents. Some said it was probably Houdini's mother. Some said it was Our Lady of Sorrow. Others say it is biblical Eve and a snake. Some ideas are too silly to mention. It is Niobe the sorrowful woman from Greek Tragedy.