The paper emphasizes the importance of mass media as veritable tool in creating increase conscious awareness, education and knowledge in the area of protection of human rights. It also advocates a more precise, organized, and purposeful and coordinated mass media approach to create Human Rights consciousness in the minds of populace for national Development and sustainability. Furthermore, the study proposes a guide-dog approach of journalism to Human Rights issues, problems and challenges, as well as the Development Media Theory and Agenda- Setting Theory of Mass Communication to the devastating effects of the violation and the discouragement of Human Rights in Nigeria. The paper concludes that despite the fact that the mass media play important roles in the protection of human rights is well-know to all and sundry, notwithstanding, the mass media in their diversities should work hard towards the attainment of protection of human rights which is the threshold of peace.

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The last decades revealed the importance of mass media in a society

The Importance of Mass Media Campaigns in Tobacco Control

Why does reliance on mass media increase during and after disaster situations? What makes people spend more time with mass media in these cases? Media system dependency (MSD) theory provides a framework to explain the relationship between individuals and media in disaster situations. According to MSD theory, the importance of mass media in an individual’s life varies according to the social environment and the intensity of individuals’ goals (Ball–Rokeach, 1985). In a disaster situation, be it a natural or social disaster, the social environment suddenly becomes uncertain. People often do not have full understanding of what is going on in their social environment. For example, after the 11 September terrorist attack in New York in 2001, the ambiguity in the social environment surged in terms of the nature of the incident, the number of victims, and the implications of the incident for people’s security (Cohen, et al., 2002). Similarly, after the 11 March earthquake in Japan, people in Tokyo who felt the earthquake were not immediately certain about the magnitude of the earthquake, tsunami and aftershocks. In an ambiguous situation, according to MSD theory, dependency on mass media increases because mass media outlets are likely to contain important and exclusive information that is not available from other sources (Ball–Rokeach, 1998). For example, the magnitude and the epicenter of an earthquake are often only available from mass media outlets.

The importance of mass media can not be described in words

In a study by a market research company on media use among young people (n=506), the age group from 12 to 20 years evaluated the importance of mass media on a scale from 1 to 5 as following: Internet 4.29; television 3.84; newspapers 3.00; radio 2.96; home-delivered free papers 2.03; otherwise-delivered free papers 1.82; pick-up free papers 1.76. (Media Use of the Youth 2007.) Noteworthy is the clear leading of the Internet among this age group.

The importance of mass media
In sum, our work demonstrates the importance of mass media in setting the political agenda

"Media is the most powerful tool of communication

The last decades revealed the importance of mass media in a society. Regarding the Republic of Moldova the role of mass media is influenced by some particularities of the economic, politic and social activities. Moldova is among the poorest states from Europe and its political situation is still unstable. On the markets of mass media from Moldova there are in competition different categories of participants: domestics and foreigners, public and private entities. This paper presents the results of an investigation among a group of students from the Republic of Moldova regarding their perceptions about mass media. Such results could contribute to understanding the impact of mass media for an important segment of the Bessarabian society.

process by Price & Roberts (67) illustrates the importance of mass media

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This article examines relationships between media content, public opinion, and foreign policy in the United States and the United Kingdom. The investigation proceeds in two stages. First, an agenda-setting analysis demonstrates a strong connection between the salience of foreign affairs in the media and the salience of foreign affairs for the public. Second, two potential effects of varying issue salience on foreign policymaking are examined: (1) issue priming and (2) policymakers’ reactions to issue salience. Analyses rely on a combination of U.S. and U.K. commercial polling data and the American National Election Study. Results point to the importance of mass media and issue salience in the relationship between public opinion and foreign policy.

Somalia retains a strongly oral culture so the importance of mass media as a conduit of the spoken word by radio or video is fundamental

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Through analyzing these rhetorical devices, my critique will reveal how each device serves as an important tool used to inform the public. I will further discuss how shows like and serve as a public sphere following Habermas's criteria. Habermas's public sphere will provide the lens to illuminate the importance of mass media satire on a democratic society.