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Successes like these were, perhaps, all the justification the programme needed, in televisual and educational terms. But along the way, it was often maddening, trying to turn a complex set of problems into a race against time (have you ever thought how much television could be improved by the simple expedient of banning the phrase "With just days to go..."), and into Maverick Phil Against the System. I've no doubt that government guidelines on adult literacy leave a lot to be desired, but Phil Beadle's ill-natured dismissal didn't seem like the kind of approach liable to bring about change. If this programme proved anything, it was that the causes of illiteracy are multifarious: simple phonics worked wonders for Theresa, but not Linda or James. When they tried plastic shapes, Linda leapt ahead, but James was still floundering. And in any case, all these people were getting one-to-one attention in a way that is impossible within the public sector without major changes in funding. Eliminating adult literacy involves a lot of basic organisational challenges – how you pay for it, how you find the teachers to do it, how you ensure that people who can't read find out about it. Beadle's constant tutting and sighing and clutching his brow and telling us how passionate he was didn't scratch the surface.

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This chart shows some of the common causes of illiteracy.

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Illiterate parents do contribute a lot to whether the others in the family are illiterate, but another issue that brings about illiteracy and comes from the family is poverty. According to an article read about the causes of illiteracy, “In the United States, 50% of all those people who are illiterate grew up in homes where the income was at or below the poverty line” (The Truth About the Causes of Illiteracy). I know that because an adult lives in poverty does not automatically mean they are illiterate and unable to teach their children basic things like reading and writing. Adults might be completely literate, but if they live in poverty and are trying to raise a family then it is sometimes not as likely that the kids of the family will stay in school and have the motivation to learn to read and write. According to the National Committee on Adult Literacy, 1.2 million teenagers or 1 in every 3, drop out of high school (The Truth About the Causes of Illiteracy).

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The more useful methods could decrease the rate of illiterate. From the children, school should open extra class to teach reading and writing for students who could not get to know how to read and write quickly and easily. For the younger, community of each one in Kentucky should open some classes and speeches to teach them read and write. For the older, because they are too old, if they want to go into colleague or classes to study they could. Otherwise, the home community should distribute workers to home to read important news and others things for them to deal with their living problems. With this simple method, the illiterate group could get a great improvement and learn how to read and write. The following is an image that displays some of the causes of illiteracy, more can be found at .

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In a world where computers are standard equipment in every home, there should be no reason that these causes of illiteracy should exist. It is only through the education of the population that advancements in civilization can occur, and literacy is the first boundary to cross.Next to poverty, and second on the list of causes of illiteracy are learning disabilities. The chief one is dyslexia. In the United States, where the system of recognizing kids with dyslexia is supposed to be at a very high level, many are still slipping through the cracks. And many people who know they have dyslexia will drop out of school rather than take advantage of the opportunities available to help them overcome it.

Often, speaking a language other than English, causes problems in school. And, many times those kids who have increased difficulties in reading and writing drop out of school. This is another one of the causes of illiteracy. What many people don’t realize is that learning a second language doesn’t take anything away from cultural ties. In fact, most people who learn a second language, develop the ability to communicate more clearly in their primary language. There are also more job opportunities for people who are bilingual.
The causes of illiteracy have been widely investigated (Jones, 1987;

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Many of the causes of illiteracy are a catch-22. It takes money to fund education, but without an educated population, you cannot make money. If growing up in poverty causes so many Americans to drop out of school, how much hope can there be in countries where there are no schools? In the United States, 50% of all those people who are illiterate grew up in homes where the income was at or below the poverty line.

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Dr. Carmel earned a Bachelor of General Studies degree at the University of Cincinnati, and his Master’s Degree and Ph. D. from New York University. His dissertation was an ethnographic study of the causes of illiteracy among adults.

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The causes of illiteracy are myriad. Early marriage, child labour, poverty - these are all well-known barriers to education. But they only tell one part of the story.