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First of all, before my MSc I wanted to apply for a school to teach. But there is no subject to teach. I could teach Science, Chemistry, Physics but there is no such thing as Health, there is nothing related to Nutrition. All the teenagers nowadays, they want a change, they want a healthy lifestyle. How will they get their knowledge? From the Internet? Not everything is taught on the internet or through the TV. There is lots of information but nutrition, like chemistry or physics, is a science. It will be a new approach.

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More than seven out of ten teenagers say they have watched X-rated images on line, with many saying it became common when they were 13-15 years old, while almost half (46%) say “ for teenagers nowadays.”

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I agree that in same cases, life in prision for teenagers, would be too extreme. It definitely needs to review case by case. In particular with menthal ill kids. However, teenagers nowadays are more influenced by violence and crime than in the old days. Otherwise, how do you explain “the Virgina Tech Massacre” and such. Just lately in CA a teenager daughter and her boyfriend killed her mom. I do not want to be so soft with these kind of crime whether they are teenagers or not.

Teenagers nowadays
No! Teenagers nowadays are all very relying to their parents to help them to prepare everything. School uniform, shoes and even some parents have to help their ‘prince' and ‘princess' to prepare their school bags! What causes these bad phenomenons? Are these teenagers' faults or parents'?In addition, teenagers nowadays are not having compassion. We can see this through some teenagers do not love the small animals such as cats, dogs and rabbits. They are having the cruelty to animals by sitting on them till the animals are suffocating and die or kick them until the animals die. They think that this is one of their ‘hobbies' and enjoy themselves in it but their immature thinking had scarify one precious live that are created by God.Teenagers nowadays are getting worse and worse. Maybe you will say again, "What an absurd! Teenagers nowadays are all getting smarter and smarter. Doctor, lawyers, engineers and teachers are most of their works! How can you say that they are getting worse?" Hey, why not? Just use a little time to think, what can teenagers do except studying?Teenagers nowadays use their cell phone almost as an extension to their own body! The cell phone is always present and they are in connection with Internet by their phones all the time. But is this all a bad thing or...
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Sexting, that is sending sexually explicit content using a computer or mobile phone, is fairly common for teenagers nowadays. However it’s a fairly confronting topic for most parents, whether they need to talk to and educate their teens about the ...

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Besides, teenagers nowadays are very impolite too. They smashed the doors, having a big temper, angry at their parents, shout loudly and rudely at them and maybe just because their parents start nagging at them. Hey, parents are only the one who are most caring and loving us, even when they nagged to us, we should not having such impolite ways to treat them!

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More and more children and teenagers nowadays are becoming a prey to bad eating habits and tend to consume fast foods instead of eat a healthy diet. These junk foods which are rich in fast carbohydrates and fat are considered as the major reason for childhood obesity. The measures taken by the government to prevent children from eating such foods have so far been ineffective, because teenagers continue to consume them each day.