Some of the symbolism in Huckleberry Finn is obvious; some is less so

This is probably the most important one. You have so many things to do. You design bulletin boards, you plan lessons, you make tests, you grade papers, you have parent conferences, and you have to report to administration. All of those things make up your actual job description, but let’s be honest, most of your students are not going to remember anything about symbolism in Huck Finn, or all the steps in cellular respiration. They will remember that you took a few minutes at the end of the day to talk to them about their new puppy. They are going to remember your stories about your relationship with your mom. They will remember you. Not your bulletin boards, and not how straight your desks are. So relax and enjoy getting to know your students.

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Very good essay! I am in eleventh grade and I have to do a research on how the Mississippi River is a symbol in Huck Finn. I was just wondering where you got your sources from and which ones are the most helpful? I really appreciate it.

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This is the same teacher who tried to get us to identify symbolism in Huck Finn
The Adventures of Huck Finn By: Jake Driver and Nick Opperman How does mark twain Mark Twain uses symbolism in Huck Finn to show equality between blacks and whites.

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