what are some of the stereotypes of teenagers?

Sexually active: Prom night, dating and teenage romance is always related to teenagers. This is one of the most commonly seen stereotype about teenagers. If we see a teen, we only tend to get this thought first. He/she might be sexually active as it is the age to loosen oneself and explore the basic instinct!

These are few very common stereotypes about teenagers. Do you agree?

Why do people stereotype teenagers?

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Irresponsible: This is another stereotype about teenagers. Teens are considered to be too young and irresponsible. Well, there are many teen kids who are matured enough to handle a situation better than the adults. It is the environment and situations that develop the minds of teens.

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Out of control: This is another common stereotypes about teenagers. Well, let me tell you, teens are developing and in the first stage of exploring the outer world in their growing ages. So, they might get carried away. It is the responsibility of parents to control their growing teens and make them think practical.

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4) People stereotype these teenagers because they don't have enough pertinent life/sexual experience. But hey, I'm here and I'm q***r and I'm not going to let what people think of me change my inner beauty and I think everyone should respect that."I had aninset day on Friday and went to volunteer at one of the local pubs to help fillsandbags. I also volunteer on Saturdays teaching children singing. I don't have time for a job because of school andvolunteering but part of me doesn’t want to try and get one because I feel thatif I go for an interview and I was up against an adult, they’d choose the adultwhether they had a better CV or not, because of the stereotype that teenagersare portrayed as bad people."I feel like these stereotypes of teenagers were developed a long time ago and now teens feel like they have to act the part. It's almost "the norm" for teens to be irresponsible and not really have a care in the world because that's how we think it should be. Movies and books have painted a clear picture of what the avergae teenager should look, sound, act, etc. and it almost forces us to follow those examples. I feel like the stereotypes of teenagers are true, but maybe they're true because we think that's how we should be.Most people of all ages, races, and creeds are not shoplifters, so not making them feel like they are under undue suspicion would encourage them to buy things. Look for behavior showing a desire to avoid scrutiny and service, rather than lazily stereotyping teenagers and minorities: plenty of shoplifters are middle class and middle age and blandly white, and they know they get less reflexive scrutiny.
This helpful website guides you through stereotype teenagers are faced with every day and how to improve teenage-adult relationships!

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skrailly — my apologies for stereotyping teenagers. Not all teenagers rebel (I didn’t much myself) and to make offhand generalizations about any group was stupid on my part.

5 Stereotypes about teenagers:

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Over-smart: When a small child starts growing up, he/she goes through this change. A teenager feels that he/she is the only smart person who can teach others. Parents who encourage such changes face a lot of problem. Well, this stereotype about teenagers can be hold true in few cases.

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We all have such fixed or oversimplified image of a teenager. Well, this is not all. There are many other stereotypes about teenagers. Want to know them? Read on...