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So .. I just finished the season and I have to say that I will miss this show. I must say that what I had read about the fact that it is a show unlike any other gay show is true. Because in addition to sex there are feelings: true friendship between Patrick, and Dom Augustin; the great relationship between Sun and Doris; love in the first season and the second in friendship between Patrick and Richie; the evolution of the character of artist Augustin that two-bit obsessed with threesomes (which I hated) has become a sweet and tender Bubu with his Yogi, Eddie; and then there is love between Patrick and Kevin.
It is a series well done, at the end, and I can not explain the low ratings that led to the cancellation of the third season.
I loved the true friendship between the three and the one between Doris and Sun Certainly after years spent to be roommates, it is now difficult for Dom and Doris separate and this hurts. Both will have to make a living one day and maybe this could be a good way to realize this.
As for the character of Patrick, I must say that I love him. It is still a bit 'full of insecurities, but I enjoyed his speech on honesty and monogamy last episode. As I have always loved and supported the Kevrick, I think it's wrong what Kevin said: if you're engaged to someone, you can not do blowjob to other guys in the gym or sauna seeing it as a trifle. I do not see it right, and maybe I'll be old and Patrick, but does not work well in a serious relationship with a guy that you asked to move in with you. That said, I trust that you change your mind and Kevin Gates his Grindr account because I like these two together too and I break my heart if you leave.
As for the character of Richie, who say it is too soft. Despite everything there has always been for her Pato and their friendship I really like. I certainly can not believe that will end the season well .. I would also like to see the haircut that will do! xD
Anyway, I really liked this series and I can not wait to see the film that ends the story of these great characters. :)

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Accordingly, his son-in-law, Jack, is summoned from a flourishing career in fish fingers to assume control as managing director: an appointment he marks with a stirring speech on honesty and trust, before being called into the kitchen to defend his daughter on a charge of shoplifting.

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