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In Somali weddings, the bride comes in first in the reception hall. The bride walks in slowly with her bridal party that includes her sisters friends, mother and other females present. The bridal party and the marriage ceremony guests only get to sit down after the bride takes her sit in front of the hall facing the guests. The groom usually follows a few hours later with his own groom’s men in tow amid song and dance from the wedding guests. The couple then sits together facing their guests. It is customary for the couple to cut cake and serve it to their guests as well in Somali nuptials.

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I am also assuming that there are small variations in different parts of Somalia how weddings are being conducted.


“Was the mother of so and so informed?” That is the typical question you hear asked during the approach of a Somali wedding ceremony. The oral invitation takes the place of the formal written invitation distributed by modern-day parties. There is a flurry of excitement and rush for weeks before the actual wedding date. Certain personalities are important for any successful wedding. It is a common thing to hear “I am not setting foot in that wedding unless I am formally asked by the family of the bride.” It is culturally taboo that a relative to the bride or the bride-groom, especially a woman, be invited to the wedding by a non-relative.

I am also assuming that there are small variations in different parts of Somalia how weddings are being conducted.

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In Somali culture, it is customary for the bride, groom and their families to arrange for a lavish feast for their guests at the reception. Different traditional as well as modern types of foods are usually served for the guests to enjoy as they carry on with the festivities. A further important tradition in Somali marriage is the exchanging of gifts. The exchange is normally done between the bride’s family and groom’s family and between the invited guests and the wedding couple. The couple exchange gifts as a sign of appreciation. The invited guests on the other hand normally give gifts to the couples as a means congratulating them. The gifts can be in form of jewelry, money and other types of contributions. Somali couples marrying in Somali or those getting married in countries in the Diaspora like Canada, undergo a Muslim wedding ceremony. The marriage ceremony is normally officiated by an Imam. The Imam usually reads from the Quran and gives the couple blessings from the Quran as well. During a traditional Somalia wedding ceremony, the bride and groom give verbal acceptance of the marriage contract and exchange rings they are supposed to keep for the rest of their lives. The rings are a symbol of their unity.


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