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This lamp upcycling project is based on a vintage 80s small Thermos flask commemorating the 1986 Mexico World Cup, fitted with a chrome lamp fitting, black cable and topped with a small black coolie.

black small thermos flask with white cats

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FSUU small thermos flasks vacuum thermos-by Sure Up

Kitchens are equipped with four star standard utensils. We provide a blender, cafetiere, small thermos flask, knife sharpener and many other little things to make your stay more comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. Recentrly half of our cottages have got modern kitchens, 8 out of 8 have dishwashers and we are still upgrading.

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Good walking boots
Good quality rain jacket (Gortex or similar)
Waterproof trousers
Walking socks
Warm woollen or fleece hat
Swimwear (for those warm summer lochs)
Walking poles (optional but recommended)
Water bottle
Small thermos flask
Fleece or wool sweater plus 1 spare sweater.
Warm walking trousers (no jeans)
Thermal underwear
Long sleeve walking shirt
Sun hat
Insect repellent
Small day sack for hiking with
Casual clothes for evening/pub

Vintage retro small Thermos thermos flask H21cm
friendly rubber seal for double wall thermos cup / small thermos flask

an unbreakable small thermos flask / water bottle

Invest in a small thermos flask and take your own coffee to work. You can even buy thermos cups with sealed lids so that they can be drunk on the move.

From the storage dewar, fill the small thermos flask and use this to top up the spectrograph dewar

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Nowadays virtually everything can be bought at Puttaparthi, most of it at shops inside the Ashram. However a few things may be worth taking such as: Air freshener spray, insect spray, wet wipes, sun cream, talcum powder and your own toiletries. Also a heating coil with two pin plug (or travel jug) for making cups of tea/soup. Food plastic storage container, small thermos flask to keep water for drinking, bottle and tin opener, notebook, writing paper and envelopes, pens, Sellotape, string, clothes pegs, coat hangers, plastic bags of all sizes, paper tissues, nail scissors, sharp knife, matches/lighter, torch (essential). Also, take a combination lock so that several people sharing a room can get in, or take a padlock with a least three keys. It is advisable to take at least one pair of sheets and in the winter months a light blanket (Nov - Feb) or you can buy most of the above at Bangalore/Puttaparthi.

Food packaging: Buy a small thermos flask so that you can send the occasional milkshake or soup

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