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I think that schools should not be admitted in school because it just takes away creativity and imagination in school. When I go to school, I look forward to see what me and my best friend have on to see if we are matching. Yes, people are bullied because they aren't wearing designer shoes or the latest pair of jeans. But does that mean that you just make the whole school stop expressing themselves. What you should do is report that person to the nearest teacher and stop them from dong it. That doesn't help anything.

In conclusion, I do not think the school should make students wear uniforms. :)

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Students should be able to express their feelings and emotions by wearing regular clothes. I'm a kid myself, and actually, I couldn't care less about them. Thats bs, i should be able to express myself however I want to and I want to be an individual and be unique. Students are already required to go to school. We should be nicer to them for that reason, not use it as an excuse to impose rule after rule at whim. Uniforms will not help students to become less judgmental. And how do we know whether uniforms have 'positive' effects. (From anonymous on yes side.) Can you bring essay On Should Students Wear Uniform To School up fact's, cold hard evidence that uniforms will stop kids from picking on the nerd who has pimples on this face and wears glasses? Whether we are happy, dark, or crazy, we show it, without even having to say it, through clothes. Kids shouldn't have to wear uniforms. The great debate continues about should students having to wear school uniforms.

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Yes schools should make students wear school uniforms when they are inside of their classrooms. If they wore uniforms it may cut down on a lot of different things when it comes to the learning of students. Students will now be able to focus much more on their studies compare to other things.

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