I need a SHORT free verse poem!?

Well back to preparation for my next class, just figured I would put something in here since my muse stopped by for a quick visit earlier leading to a very short free verse poem.

I need a short free verse poem for my class.

 First, let's analyze this short free verse poem.

A short free verse poem about spider-man

14. Beginning and ending. Beyond Courage opens and closes with the words of Franta Bass, age eleven. Read Franta’s short free verse poem aloud and discuss what it reveals about her. Why do you think the author chose this piece to both open and close her book? What does this repetition say to us as readers? One need not be Jewish to feel the kind of pride and determination Franta conveys in her stirring poetry. Invite students to write poems of their own, honoring their own culture, heritage, or family.

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3. Vapid feedback. I've noticed this a lot on DeviantART. It isn't particularly any one person's fault per se, but the issue stems from the fact that prose artists are given a very marginalized platform to show their work on. Unless you have a shoddy, fan-art story that community members will latch on to (simply because they recognize the characters, mind you, not because the writing is actually good) a horrible piece of flash fiction, or a very short free verse poem, your writing will not be seen or commented on.

Just a short free verse poem I thought of when I decided I'd make a persistent dream world:
this is a short free verse poem from a st lucian writer he has won the nobel prize also any help on the complete breakdown please message me back

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Short Free Verse Poems

The Suicide of a Lesbian Short Free Verse Poem - Wattpad