For those of you without Latin, the service mottos are as follows:

The perception that police organizations are moving toward greater inclusivity is subjective and influenced by the discourse represented by the police artefacts. Artefacts such as service mottos, organizational statements, uniform and grooming regulations, and accommodation policies emphasize conservative values associated with police professionalism.

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Nice, spacious rooms (double queen). Quiet hotel with very friendly and accommodating staff. I went into their employee room (to use their safe - unfortunately there are none in the rooms) and saw their customer service mottos pasted on the walls - handwritten instructions on how to handle guests. I can't think of a single person who didn't say hello or greet us on the way in or out.

Two minor complaints - 1) no safe in room (see above) and 2) breakfast is mediocre. The selection is not great - there were usually 2-3 hot foods and no breakfast meats (sausage, bacon, etc.) except on the weekend. They will get you a few strips of bacon if you ask, but otherwise, don't expect a full spread. There are also cereals and breads. It was what I would call an adequate, but uninspired breakfast.

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As you can probably tell a lot of us Veterans are no longer able to run up and down hills. Our bodies and our minds may not be as sharp as they used to be, but our bond to each other and our commitment to our Nation flows through our veins with each beat of our hearts. We are imbued with the values of our service: duty, honor, country; honor, courage, commitment; integrity, service, excellence; honor, respect, devotion: We live by our service mottos: Semper Paratus and Semper Fidelis – Semper Fi. OORAH!!!!

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One of our favourite customer service mottos is: when you ask, we listen

The foundation stone of the whole scheme is service

Service mottos Service quotes sayings : The foundation stone of the whole scheme is service

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