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School uniforms can reduce violence and crime within the school setting. When school uniforms are enforced there is no one looking different. This also eliminates gang members flashing or wearing their gang colors. Gangs seeing one another colors being shown can cause violence and crime within school. School uniforms can reduce bullying that happens within schools. Students who cannot afford “trendy” clothes often are those being bullied because of their appearance. Bullying can lead to the person being bullied to retaliate against the bully. Also letting students show their individuality can cause cliques and groups. This causes students to feel separated from a certain group or clique and can cause anger within an individual. The anger results in violence to the certain group or clique. “The massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado revealed a dress code where students were allowed to wear trench coats, excessive jewelry and make-up, and eccentric hair styles and clothing. This situation develops an argument that the lack of a dress code may affect the level of safety in a school. If students were not allowed to wear coats, it would be more difficult to conceal weapons” (Eppinger). Schools are for students to learn and not for students to be threatened because of what they wear or are not wearing. Uniforms will help protect each student from crime and violence when at school.

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I believe that school uniforms can reduce violence, and that they help in other ways as well. Dress codes and uniforms can make school more about the learning and less about the symbolic individual expression of fashion. Students are left to communicate through language as opposed to clothing, style, designer names, bandanas, or gang colors. Dress codes help make everyone a student, as opposed to some kids being rich, some being tough, or anti-this, or pro-that. It is unifying-as the word uniform implies. Other places young people visit will still allow personal expression through fashion, but just as some professions wear business attire, and police, nurses, and firefighters wear uniforms, the school uniform is emblematic of what one does. At school, kids are there to be students.

School Uniforms to Reduce School Violence

School Safety - The first and foremost benefit of school uniforms is that they help develop school safety. It becomes easier to identify any intruder in the school. Plus, kid’s school uniforms reduce school violence because of dress. Every year, it is estimated that many school kids get beaten up for their dresses from other kids or for the color of the dress. Uniforms can help stop this dress related gang violence. School uniforms prevent the risk of theft as students won’t be allowed to wear expensive dresses and accessories.

Question:Given the recent climate of school violence, do you think mandatory school uniforms will reduce this violence?
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It is difficult to know how much correlation school uniforms and violence really have because many schools that have switched to school uniforms to reduce school violence use them along with other violence reduction strategies. Still, some teachers and students feel that schools seem safer when school uniforms are required. The effectiveness of school uniforms may depend on the factors influencing school violence in a community and the other methods the school uses to reduce teen violence.

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An essay or paper on School Uniforms to Reduce School Violence. School violence is one of the foremost issues of concern to educators today. Violence among today

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