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Unfortunately, Tako still hasn't grown to be as enamored with J as I am, so he bolted off the bed and ran and hid somewhere. J crawled right into bed with me and fell asleep (moments after he'd been telling me that he was perfectly fine and awake and maybe he should just go to work), and Tako relegated himself to the foot of the bed, no doubt grumbling internally about J's return. I guess that's the end of Tako cuddling in the big scary living room (at least, it is scary when J is around - he'll never come in and relax in my lap in that room unless J isn't home). But a bonus for Tako - J is going away for almost a week again for another conference in about a week. After that, J will be home whenever I am and then... a baby. I'm sure that will go over well.

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Good luck escaping this scary living room, it's not as easy as it might seem.

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The brave who venture beyond the veiled foyer will enjoy a myriad of rooms: a haunted forest, a scary living room, an evil bedroom and a butcher’s shop among them, with a darkened maze waiting in the basement. There are cauldrons, rune cards, secret doorways and hanging portraits that move. Creatures like werewolves, huge spiders, deadly panthers and more interact with the guests, while volunteers lurk about helping guests become afraid.

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