Sanity and Insanity, Charles Arthur Mercier, 1890 AD

Recovery from indefinite insanity only comes with time (typically, 1d6 months). It is not dependent upon the character’s Sanity points and is not connected to them. A character can be sane with 24 Sanity points and insane while possessing 77 Sanity points.

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"Thirdly, a knowledge of the principles on which insanity should be regarded can scarcely fail to be of service to that large, and now much increased, section of the community who have to do officially, but as amateurs, with the insane. I refer to the magistrates under the new Lunacy Act, to barristers, and others. The want of knowledge of the rudiments of insanity among the general public is remarkable. I have heard a Queen's Counsel gravely tell a jury that it was against the law for a lunatic: to be sent to an asylum unless he (the lunatic) was dangerous. That is, fortunately, not the law ; but there are very many people who are in are strongly of opinion that it ought. to be the law. A very little knowledge of lunacy would alter this opinion. Apart front the fact that it is desirable to cure the insanity, and that in many cases a cure can only be attempted within an asylum; apart from the necessity, that so often exists, of secluding a perfectly harmless lunatic ; apart from the desirability of restraining him from performing acts which are not dangerous, ; there remains the most important fact that the distinguishing feature of the insane is, not their dangerous aggressiveness, but . Of course, not all the insane are thus characterized, . (Sanity and Insanity, Charles Arthur Mercier, 1890 AD, p xiv)

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Many of us weave in and out of sanity and insanity completely unaware we have crossed over, for the rest of us insanity is our second home. There are times you can venture to far across the line of sanity to where you are unable to find your way home. Then there are the other times when you spend too much time on the other side, that when you finally find your way home you are emotionally damaged.

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Horrifying encounters can result in one of three states of mental unbalance: temporary, indefinite, and permanent insanity. The first two, temporary insanity and indefinite insanity, can be cured. The third, permanent insanity, results when a character's Sanity points are reduced to -10 or lower. This condition cannot be cured.Schizophrenic thoughts have a life of their own. They arise seemingly out of nowhere when a person knows the difference between sanity and insanity and emerge initially as small ideas. When I first began experiencing insane thoughts, they seemed normal and plausible, if only a bit more creative. During this initial stage, it would have been very difficult to detect anything out of the ordinary, for my close family and friends or even for myself. After all, very few suspect that they will develop schizophrenia, especially in my case with no family history. Furthermore, insane thoughts usually come into being after 20 years of sanity for men and a few years longer for women. Because the initial schizophrenic thoughts are benign, they are simply taken for granted as real. When these ideas and theories came about in my case, I looked for confirmation that they were true and was able to find subjective evidence. When I looked hard enough, with a little imagination, I was able to substantiate these somewhat skewed ideas. Eventually, my thoughts lost all bases in reality, and I scrambled to hold onto new insane thoughts as a way to find meaning and explanation once again. Actually, however, the only way to regain sanity is through correct treatment and medication, which I was lucky enough to receive. After medication, my schizophrenic thoughts dissipated, and I was once again able to get a grasp on reality. During a schizophrenic break, one moves between the spectrum of sanity and insanity and is gradually pulled from the clear light of reason to that of madness. I hope that the nature of this progression becomes clearer as I recount the story of my path from sanity to insanity and back again.
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2) Sanity and insanity have cultural variations. What is viewed as normal in one culture may be seen as quite aberrant in another. As just one example, there was a famous experiment contrasting American and British psychiatrists and each country’s diagnostic differences. The two groups studied identical video-taped interviews of a group of psychiatric patients. In that series of cases, schizophrenia was diagnosed far more often by American psychiatrists than for the British psychiatrists (by a factor of 10, as I recall the article).

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All writers on this subject confess their inability to frame a strictly or a completely satisfactory definition. The dividing line between sanity and insanity, like the line that distinguishes a man of average height from a tall man, can be described only in terms of a moral estimate. There is a borderland between the two states which is not easily identified as belonging certainly to either. Hence a definition that aims at rigorous comprehensiveness is liable to include such non-insane conditions as hysteria, febrile delirium, or perverted passions. The definition given by the "Century Dictionary" is probably as satisfactory as any: "A seriously impaired condition of the functions, involving the , emotions, and will, or one or more of these faculties, exclusive of temporary states produced by and accompanying intoxications or acute febrile diseases."

Sanity and Insanity, Charles Arthur Mercier, 1890 AD

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Sanity and insanity (1890). This book, "Sanity and insanity," by Charles Mercier, is a replication of a book originally published before 1890. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.