SAIC MFA Show / Sullivan Galleries / Chicago, 2013

2016 Poor & Needy The Great Poor Farm Experience IIX, Manawa, WI
2015 GOLD Terrain Biennial/Terrain Denmark, Viborg, DK
2014-15 3AM Maternal Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA
2012 SAIC MFA Thesis Show, SAIC, Chicago, IL
2011 Mutualisms, Co Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, NL
2007 Unbescheiblich Weiblich, RC de Ruimte Ijmuiden, NL
2004 Amsterdamned Kunsthallen Brænderigaarden, Viborg, DK
1999 After Image Overgaden, Copenhagen, DK
1997 Farewell Welfare W139, Amsterdam, NL

SAIC MFA Thesis Show, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL

SAIC MFA Catalogue, essay by Meg Onli | 2015 -2016

SAIC MFA Catalogue, essay by Shawn Michelle Smith | 2014-2015

The traditional practice of détournement would be one where there were clear delineations of what is being reclaimed and subverted. Here however, the game shifts constantly with each new engagement. For Mills, she is honestly an artist, making her way in the world in efforts to garner success. She shares the goals of other artists; she looks to be collected widely, to be represented by a gallerist, and to be reviewed and ultimately historicized for her legacy. In many ways Mills has already accomplished many of these benchmarks for the successful artist; She has sold or gifted over 2000 works, has representation and is being written about and publicized by an art reviewer. The details behind these accomplishments is where the power of her criticism lies: the works sold have all been marketed at the sellable price of under $5, art consultant John Silvis will represent her work at the SAIC MFA Show, while I serve as the art reviewer under the auspices of the Zg Press website. The revelation of these points does not undermine her status as an artist – rather they serve to further validate her role because she has subsumed all of us as her art medium. In my role as an art critic, Silvis’ role as art consultant and all those who have bought or received her work, we are participants in her performance. In effect, our official participation in the art system serves as her method of critique.

2014SAIC MFA Show, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL2013

2014 Propeller Fund Award (with TRACERS), Chicago IL
2013 Fellowship Award Visual and Critical Studies, SAIC Chicago, IL
2012 Curatorial Fellow SAIC MFA Exhibition 2012, SAIC Chicago, IL
2010 Propeller Fund Award (with Mutualisms), Chicago, IL
2002 Koninklijke Subsidie Vrije Schilderkunst
(The Royal Award For Modern Painting)
2000 Prince Bernhard’s Prize for Art School Graduates, NL

SAIC MFA Show, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL