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I wish you the very best in everything you do. I know the social and ego rewards of nursing can be powerful. But ultimately, we pay a terrible price for them.

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The remaining 12 statements reflecting a significant differencebetween the two groups suggest that those who would choose nursing againplaced a substantially higher level of importance on factors intrinsicto nursing (component 1). For component 2 (extrinsic rewards ofnursing), the frequencies differed substantially in relation only toflexible hours of work. Interestingly, of the five factors comprisingcomponent 3 (employment security over life of nursing), four reflected asignificant difference between the two groups; in every instance thosewho would choose nursing again reported a substantially higher frequencyof very important/important than those who would not.

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Statements reflecting an intrinsic attraction of nursing (component1) explain 29.42 per cent of the variance. Components 2 (extrinsicrewards of nursing) and 3 (employment security over life of nursing)explain 9.4 per cent and 8.17 per cent respectively of the totalvariance. Individual statements were grouped into one factor only, thatwhich reported the highest loading for that statement.

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Trinity’s pre-licensure B.S.N. program combines the academic structure and clinical preparation necessary for a career in nursing. Our students focus initially on liberal arts courses in CAS that provide a framework for their chosen major in nursing. The rigorous academic coursework in the nursing program then lays the foundation for a progressive mastery of the knowledge, skills, values, ethics and abilities required of a professional nurse. Toward the end of the program, students will have ample opportunities to experience firsthand the rewards of nursing in closely supervised clinical settings.

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