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I know that there's a lot of information in this WebQuest, and thereare a few subtle distinctions in different narrative modes, so I'veprovided a chart below that might help to clarify any questions youmight have about the interrelationships among narrative mode, point ofview, and reliability of narrator. This is another preparation for thequiz to follow:

How does the reliability of the narrator, and they style they use, ..

Do you mean the reliability of the narrator

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both support and call into question the reliability of the narrator.

In first person, the reliability of narration within the story is extremely flexible and covers a broad range, from gospel truth to bald-faced lies. In interpreting the story, the reader judges the veracity of the narration according to what he knows about the first-person narrator’s POV.

Reliability of Narration
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c.叙事者的可信度(the reliability of narrator) Wayne C. Booth 认为,第一人称叙事者从名称上看就是“不可靠的叙事者”(Booth, 1…

Reliable narrator is the standard form of narration in most stories

but also by reliability of narrator (that's what he said; what will she say?)

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