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Purdue University Application Essay Prompt: Describe how your Purdue education would support the attainment of your personal and/or professional goals.

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The introduction to the original Purdue application essay defined what a leader is not, but it did not provide a clear idea of what a leader really is. The writer used many great vocabulary words but didn’t get his or her point across. Feel free to show off your vocabulary in an admissions essay, but always make sure you keep clear communication as your top goal.

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A native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Stacy Bartoletti is not afraid to steer off the beaten path. Efficient from an early age, he circumvented an assigned project in his high school English class, writing a Purdue application essay instead. To his good fortune, Purdue accepted him as an early applicant, and he never applied to another school.

Purdue Application Essay
Purdue Application Essay

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Basil’s excursion into purdue application essay their lives. Yet, he later realizes that Aurora may emerge as an irrational and unchosen presence, as an. Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, 294.

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T hank you for your interest in graduate studies at Purdue University