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After losing everything to the Vampires, Segun meets the Vampire hunter Silvester to become a hunter for himself. "Welcome to the world of the psychedelic moon".

Psychedelic Moon appears on the album Psychedelic Moods, Volume 1

Psychedelic Moon prides itself on creating bold, unique, and out of this world tie dye

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Panoramic mural and video sculpture, dimensions variable.

Materials: blacklights, flourescent spraypaint, house paint, silver mylar, CRT televisions playing "snow", adhesive vinyl.

In this immersive installation, the four walls that comprise the cube-shaped gallery interior become canvasses upon which geometric shapes, optical jokes, and found colors are arranged into a linear narrative. A psychedelic moon bounces from one wall to the next, and in the middle of the space, televisions broadcast residual light and heat from the big bang.

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The otherworldly “Psychedelic Moon” features the distant rumbling of tympani and not-so-distant stinging fuzz guitar accenting throughout this overall ghostly sound piece as percussion and whatever else is nearby is struck and hit to accent every slowly enunciated and damaged lyric. Weaving all around are not a set of mallets but more a magic wand waving over a full set of free standing vibraphones, and the vocals are still stringing out the words as if to stretch them to the moon and back. It could only end with a cryptic laugh, so... It does.

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The Psychedelic Moon Maps of the 1970s | Atlas Obscura

Interview and mix from the psychedelic Moon Duo - Red Bull

Anything Can Be Psychedelic Moon Duo’s Sanae Yamada discusses their place in psychedelic music, adding a live drummer to their line-up and performing to the ashes of dead people, with Chris Familton. As the name suggests Moon Duo are a musical pairing, the collaborative project of Yamada and partner Ripley Johnson. The latter is best […]

Last song on side A of the first self-identified 'psychedelic' album. The Deep - Psychedelic Moon

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2. Stunde Ready to Rock
The History Of Psychedelic Rock Part 8
Steff Carpenborgs Electric Corona: All Men Shall Be Brothers Of Ludwig (LP Fantastic Party 1969)
The Deep: Psychedelic Moon (LP Psychedelic Moods, 1966)
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The David: Mirrors Of Wood (LP The David, 1969)
The Deviants: Let’s Loot The Supermarket (LP Disposable 1968)
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The Deviants: Billy The Monster (LP Deviants 3, 1969)
The Deviants: Police Car (LP Human Garbage, 1984)
The Druids Of Stonehenge: Bring It On Home (LP Creation 1968)
The Electric Banana (Pretty Things): Blow Your Mind (LP Rave Up With The Electric Banana 1967)

Korea fantasy novel Zerochan has 2 A Ballad Of Psychedelic Moon images.

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