UP: Is Apathy a Major Problem in Our Society Today

Author, J.K. Rowling once stated, “Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, apathy is defined as “a lack of interest or concern”. Apathy is synonymous with indifference and is a major problem in our society today. Although there are numerous injustices in our society, many people opt to ignore them. If we are responsible for the changes that we would like to see in our communities, indifference and inaction can greatly thwart that duty!

That is one of the big problems in our society today

Domestic Violence is one of the most serious problems in our society today.

all of which are huge problems in our society today

Commercialisation and over-sexualisation of modern life (which has been in the news recently) are at the heart of many problems in our society today. When lust for more money, fame and power dictates people’s lives they lose the meaning of love. They become so busy that they cannot spend quality time with their spouses, children, family members and friends. Physical interaction, and innocent quality time with nearer and dearer people become impossible. With increasingly sophisticated features on mobile phones, internet and television, we remain ever hooked, busy; machine-like. We do not have ‘time’, which according to Islam is ‘life’.

heart of many problems in our society today

The balance of the Decalogue deals with man’s relationships with his fellowman. There is the promulgation of law governing family relationships, parent and child; the law that specifies periods of work and rest, the relationship of capital and labor; the principles that govern civic relationships and declare social order—the “thou shalt nots.” The relationship of these commandments to the domestic problems in our society today may well be in order.

Back pain is one of the major problems in our society today that causes not only individual health problems, but affects the society in general.
Without question, the number one problem in our society today is thebreakdown of marriage and the family. God's Holy Institution of Marriagebetween a man and a woman for life is His perfect plan for a man and womanto become one and share this journey through life. A husband and wife havingchildren and raising them in the admonition of the Lord is God's plan forthe family. This plan was instituted in the Garden of Eden and has NEVERCHANGED throughout the generations. Regardless of how man has tried toredefine marriage, redefine what a family is, GOD'S DEFINITION HAS NEVER OREVER WILL CHANGE!!!The underlying drivers of crime represent the most difficult problems in our society today - stemming from risk factors within family, community and educational environments.
High-fat diets are also high calorie diets that contribute to weight problems in our society today

Hany Harby: List of Social Issues in Today's Society

Community Participation * In the past, Americans have been content to place most educational burdens on the schools. This is no longer a viable option. The increasing cognitive demands of schooling, the severe problems in our society today, and the need for support of students which extends well beyond the 9-3 period each day, all make it essential that other individuals and institutions contribute to the educational process. In addition to support from family members and other mentoring adults, such institutions as business, the professions, and especially museums need to be involved much more intimately in the educational process.

Emotional and physical abuse is one of the most pervasive domestic problems in our society today

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“I wanted to do work that could make a difference in young people's lives,” Chen recalled, “by addressing research questions that also represent pressing problems in our society today; for example, trying to understand why health disparities exist and what could possibly help to make things better.”

The general approach to problems in our society today is to recommend economic growth

Problems Facing in SocietyWhat is 1 issue ..

The prohibition against consuming visible fat is equally important—especially as it relates to our modern diet. One of the most significant discoveries from epidemiological studies conducted in the last 50 years has been the link between high-fat diets and heart disease, stroke and various types of cancer. These are the leading causes of death in countries where large amounts of fatty foods—such as hamburgers, French fries, triple-thick milkshakes, ice cream and heavy salad dressings—are consumed. Many common foods—bacon, hot dogs, cheese and spreads—can be more than 50 percent fat. High-fat diets are also high calorie diets that contribute to weight problems in our society today. Medical science has learned that excessive fat consumption is dangerous, yet God revealed this to Moses thousands of years ago! It is a tragedy that this biblical information has been ignored for so long.