What are some of the social problems caused by unemployment

If you are working in or retired from the education sector and are suffering financial problems caused by unemployment, ill health, sudden life events, bereavement or a personal injury we may be able to offer support.

There are many social problems caused by unemployment

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THE SUPREME COURT ACCESS TO JUSTICE COMMISSION: The Tennessee Supreme Court announced its Access to Justice Campaign in 2008 and subsequently created the Access to Justice Commission. The commission is a response to a growing legal-needs gap in Tennessee as indigent and working-poor families face more civil legal problems caused by unemployment, predatory loans, uninsured medical bills, domestic violence, evictions and foreclosures.

serious social problems caused by unemployment,

There are fears of social problems caused by unemployment, including a higher crime rate coupled with the deterioration of poverty values and greater income inequality as many low- and middle-income workers lose jobs in manufacturing. With the experience of the recession of the mid to late 1980s in mind, there has been a proposal for a comprehensive social security plan. Increasingly, calls are being heard for a national retrenchment fund to protect workers in anticipation of possible job losses which the Government has said it is considering.

Unemployment - measurement, different types and the problems caused by unemployment
Unemployment is over three million in Britain, and unemployment is known to be associated with poor health. It has been suggested that health authorities should produce a comprehensive response to the health problems caused by unemployment, and a survey was undertaken to find how many had done so. All the regional and district health authorities in England, the health boards of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and the family practitioner committees of England and Wales were asked by letter what they were doing to respond to the health problems of unemployment. A list of suggestions of what they might be doing was enclosed. The overall response rate was 77% (255/331), and 50% (127/255) of the respondents were doing something--33.3% (3/9) of the regional health authorities, 64% (101/158) of the district health authorities and health boards, and 26% (23/88) of the family practitioner committees. The paper describes what they were doing. A relation was sought between the level of unemployment in an area and the extent of the response, and a significant association was found. Half of Britain's health authorities are now responding in some way to the health problems associated with unemployment. Obsession with the budget deficit blocks our path, particularly when unemployment remains close to 10 percent after a multi-billion dollar recovery program. In fact, more money has to be spent to cure unemployment, at least initially. There would be some savings from the program as a result of decreased outlays for unemployment insurance and other income support programs, taxes paid by the workers, the increased purchasing power of the workers that would stimulate other job creation and reduced costs of the social problems caused by unemployment. Nonetheless the start-up and perhaps continuing costs could be substantial.[30]
a whole complex of problems caused by unemployment, illness and perilous old age

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It is also important to recognize that the problems caused by unemployment do not just have an impact on those directly affected: The results regarding suicide and unemployment show that people over the age of 65 – i.e. people who are often no longer active on the job market – are also affected. Consequently, as Kawohl advocates: “Fears among the population in the run-up to economic changes should already be taken seriously and suitable interventions developed and promoted to prevent suicides”.

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The Tennessee Supreme Court announced its access to justice campaign on December 5, 2008. The Court cited the urgent and tremendous legal needs gap in Tennessee, a gap that is only growing in the current economic situation as Tennessee's indigent and working poor families face more legal problems caused by unemployment, predatory loans, uninsured medical bills, domestic violence, evictions, and foreclosures. The Court hired, through the Administrative Office of the Courts, an Access to Justice Coordinator and made access to justice its number one strategic priority.

Box 1.1 lists some of the serious social and health problems caused by unemployment

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Indian Country badly needs capital to counter the lingering problems caused by unemployment and poverty. For banks, there is a real opportunity for contributing to needed changes—as well as for making a profit. Understanding Native American communities is the key.