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Pro school uniform advocates often argue that it reduces inequality because the rich and poor wear the same clothing, thus reducing, if not obliterating, bullying over economic status in society. However, to force a minimum wage family to buy a fairly expensive school uniform (as most are made of top-notch material, especially in sports kit) is for more cruel than allowing the child to buy attractive clothing of a less-well-known-branded clothing. For example, they would be allowed to wear a hand-me-down t-shirt which probably is still in tact and ready to use. In winter they would wear a knitted jumper as opposed to the expensive factory-produced school jumper which their minimum wage family have to give up food to afford. If you want to begin discussing economic inequality, first consider which system (uniform of non-uniform) allows poor families and children the best opportunities. Besides, there are some attractive cheap clothing simply cheap because the brand is not well known, the child could happily wear this.

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The Pros of School Uniforms: Why Students Should Wear School Uniforms The Argument for School Uniforms. By Michelle Kouzmine Come on students i know you don’t want to wear them. And parents if you read my letter you would understand why/

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An example of how school uniforms are a necessity for school age children is the amount of students that come to school dress inappropriately and depict a negative image. The pros of school uniform teach students about self-respect. Many young female students come to school in attire that is considered risqué. Clothing articles such as strapless, halter, and midriff tops combined with skirts that entirely too short and tight are just a few. Also, administrators feel the clothing with unfitting emblem can send across a negative message. For example, shirt containing slogans for alcohol, drugs and tobacco are not an image they wish for their students to display as if they were walking advertisements. Administrators feel it is far easier to enforce a school policy then detail all the items they deem in appropriate.

Proponents of school uniforms claim that they have many benefits, including improved student safety and a better learning environment.
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I can't see how being pro school uniform is socially liberal.