5 Unsettling Predictions For 2050

Abstract: Understanding how climate change can affect crop-pollinator systems helps predict potential geographical mismatches between a crop and its pollinators, and therefore identify areas vulnerable to loss of pollination services. We examined the distribution of orchard species (apples, pears, plums and other top fruits) and their pollinators in Great Britain, for present and future climatic conditions projected for 2050 under the SRES A1B Emissions Scenario. We used a relative index of pollinator availability as a proxy for pollination service. At present, there is a large spatial overlap between orchards and their pollinators, but predictions for 2050 revealed that the most suitable areas for orchards corresponded to low pollinator availability. However, we found that pollinator availability may persist in areas currently used for fruit production, which are predicted to provide suboptimal environmental suitability for orchard species in the future. Our results may be used to identify mitigation options to safeguard orchard production against the risk of pollination failure in Great Britain over the next 50 years; for instance, choosing fruit tree varieties that are adapted to future climatic conditions, or boosting wild pollinators through improving landscape resources. Our approach can be readily applied to other regions and crop systems, and expanded to include different climatic scenarios.

5 Unsettling Predictions For 2050

5 Unsettling Predictions For 2050

But my city predictions for 2050 would be:

Poland's population is currently 38.48 million, 50,000 less than two years ago. Alarming predictions for 2050 put the figure as low as . By then, one-third of Poles will be over 65 and the county's median age will rise from 38 today to 52. With the country's chequered history, emigration has always been part of the national psyche and in more recent times, this has increased thanks to EU accession. The UK, Ireland, France and Germany now have very large Polish populations, with every Western European nation having sizeable communities. The overwhelming majority of these are young and would be valuable taxpayers to the Polish economy. The 2011 national census showed that 70 per cent of those leaving post-2004 were under 40. There is increasing concern that not only are many Poles going abroad to work, but many are also having children and settling there, without any plans to return.

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Source: Smartbrief Nutrition, Food Predictions for 2050. The Boston Globe, 10/25/12.
Author: Liz Smith, SNAP-Ed Regional Program Specialist, NE Region, Ohio State University Extension.
Reviewed by: Marilyn Rabe, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University Extension, Franklin County.

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For those seeking a safe and easy suburban lifestyle, Perth has everything. But the city now stretches for one hundred and twenty kilometres along the coast; predictions for 2050 suggest the sprawl will extend more than 270 kilometres.
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World conditions today and the nightmare predictions for 2050 in the previous article are based on the continuation of Satan’s way of life—rebellion, strife, competition, jealousy, lust and greed. In contrast, with Christ ruling from the world headquarters in Jerusalem, mankind will live in a world under God’s Law.

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Each boom has fed into further growth of the car-dependent suburbs. For those seeking a safe and easy suburban lifestyle, Perth has everything. The city now stretches for 120 kilometres along the coast; predictions for 2050 suggest the sprawl will extend more than 270 kilometres, from Myalup to Lancelin. The resulting lifestyle does not suit everyone.

5 Unsettling Predictions For 2050

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People like to make predictions about the future because it’s fun to speculate and who the hell is ever going to remember if you were right or wrong when it comes to pass anyway? That’s how dipwad fraud psychics like Sylvia Brown get away with all their failed predictions – they make them well enough in advance that if they get one vague thing right they can celebrate that while you don’t remember the 150 things they got wrong because they are filthy, lying, despicable, opportunistic, parasitic frauds. Anyway, here’s my predictions for 2050!