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IN: International Journal of Law in Context [The issue of women serving as judges has been a contentious one in Egyptian society for nearly eight decades. While other Muslim majority countries started appointing women judges as early as the 1950s and 1960s, it was not until 2003 that the Egyptian government announced the appointment of its first ever female judge. Despite the approval of Egypt's religious scholars, her appointment was fiercely contested, among both the general public and the legal profession. In this paper we explore the question of why the appointment of women as judges provokes so much controversy in Egyptian society, and in the judiciary in particular. We show that the debate reveals a preoccupation with the proper place of women in society. With both traditionally educated religious scholars and people lacking formal religious training justifying their point of view by resorting to religious argumentation, the debate is also a clear example of the fragmentation of religious authority in Islam.]

542 Words Essay on place of women in society ..

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Just why such women were accused of witchcraft in colonial New England is the subject of Carol Karlsen's thoughtful new study, ''The Devil in the Shape of a Woman.'' While other historians have looked at the Salem trials in terms of political and economic tensions between the old land-based gentry and the new mercantile class, Ms. Karlsen - a professor of history at the University of Michigan - gives us a feminist interpretation of such events. As she sees it, ''Witchcraft confronts us with ideas about women, with fears about women, with the place of women in society, and with women themselves.''

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Every aspect of American life is found in newspapers, and the Library's documents the activities of Americans from colonial times to the present. Perhaps no other source can provide clues as to how Americans lived in the past and how Americans viewed both momentous events and daily occurrences of their time. Newspapers serve as memory or as forums for discussion. They verify, refute, or circulate rumor. Newspapers provide a documentary history of the lives, events, and interests of famous, infamous, and ordinary people. As sources for the study of women's history, newspapers document the place of women in society and acknowledge society's recognition of women as audience and as contributors. Although underestimated by many, both the role and the influence of women as producers of the news are important aspects of American women's history. A researcher using the Library's newspaper collection in the Serial and Government Publications Division can trace the presence of women both in the newspaper industry and in the news itself.

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Indeed, the political Islamic agenda pushed by the Muslim Brotherhood has a tangible effect on expectations of women. The Muslim Brotherhood has for decades led by pious example, and Morsi has several times expressed his commitment to women’s issues. While he does not talk about things like free birth control and abortions, he speaks of making life easier for the working mother, or the divorced/widowed ex-wife. Morsi’s conservative stance on the place of women in society is empathetic to the predominant Egyptian family model, but it is unrelated to the mounting mistreatment of women in the public sphere.


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Demonstrating their desire to put women in the spotlight, the Circle aims to finance, through generous contributions from individuals and companies, projects arising from the Musée d’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie programmes, devoted to women. It also involves making the economic players aware of the various issues around the place of women in society (equality, equal opportunities in the workplace, education, etc.), and creating a genuine platform for exchanges in the long term.

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The Victorian eraseems like another world to us. Yet the late Victorians were very familiar withmany of the things we use everyday. The one thing that was different was theplace of women in society. There were of course perceptive women of independentoriginal thought, but for the huge majority life was easier if they accepted that awoman's place was in the home. To lump all women of the Victorian era as onebody would be wrong. The era spanned 64 years and changes in attitudes weregradually shifting as the century closed.