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Process Paragraph A Process Paragraph A process is a series, a sequence, an orderly progression

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The color-coding system I’ve used here is intentional. In my work with Grammarly, I research how people write and what tools they use to become better writers. I’ve often seen the paragraph process taught through the form of a traffic light. Your topic sentence starts the paragraph, your supporting illustrations keep the paragraph moving, and the final sentence stops the paragraph. When it’s time to start a new paragraph, the whole process starts again. I fully encourage students to use this color-coding system, as they construct paragraphs, to ensure that each paragraph is distinct, using the three fundamental parts.

Process Paragraph and Process Essay

Essay writing can often be greatly simplified into a 5 paragraph process. For writers who are particularly verbose or dealing with topics that require greater depth of analysis, additional paragraphs can easily be put into the middle. The general format remains the same and it is as follows:

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To accompany your Unsung Heroes project, we suggest a four-paragraph process paper

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Essay writing can often be greatly simplified into a 5 paragraph process

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