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Bill would allow differing political and religious viewpoints in science classes: As we reported previously, language in the paragraph on science standards in HB 597 is unclear. But a Marietta Republican, has said he wants religious and alternative political interpretations of scientific issues to be allowed in classrooms.

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Dr. Collins provides one paragraph on science and natural revelation, and what he states there is problematic. Perhaps I can be pardoned for observing that it appears to me that occasionally he writes as a trained scientist who is so immersed in science that he does not fully perceive the nature and limitations of scientific inquiry. Our procedure will be to examine critically what he states, and then provide some wider comments on the subject.

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Republic of Tanzania) include a specific section or paragraph on science and technology issues
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To put the query another way, could those readers who skipped the first paragraph learn Spanish if there was another paragraph on science or social studies?

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dams and power plants as 'modern temples,' in its 2014 election manifesto barely even has a paragraph on science and technology (S&T).

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