After talking about my interests with my classmates and club members whenever it was relevant to the conversation, I noticed that opportunities started coming my way. When the time came to plan the African C-F(x), people suggested that I lead the fashion show. I hesitated at first because the core semester is quite busy and organizing a fashion show takes a great deal of coordination and effort, but I knew that leading the show would fulfill me in ways that classwork could not.


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that organizing a fashion show "is a lot of hard work."

Wednesday night a historical event, the first Fradi Fashion Show took place at the Groupama Arena. Being the first Hungarian club organizing a fashion show, Ferencvarosi TC launched today with the help of the players and coaching staff, the collections of Saxoo London and BP.

On this occasion Pal Orosz, CEO of FTC Football Ltd announced that Saxoo London will dress the club’s first team in the future.

The collections will be found as of Thursday this week at the Fradi Shop and the Saxoo London collection in many of the brand’s own retail stores.

Wear Fradi clothes every day!

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Just before the tea party, we are organizing a fashion show from Passage Vivienne, the most beautiful passage in Paris, up to Opera Garnier. We will pass by the pretty Jardin du Palais Royal, the Avenue de l’Opera to arrive in front of Opera Garnier where will will take a souvenir photo.
Everyone dressed in « harajuku mode » style can participate in the fashion show. Don’t hesitate to tell your friends about it★

Organizing a fashion show may be stressful and time-consuming so may produce the best results.
If this were your first time to set up and organize a fashion show, you would normally not know the basic details that could prove to be life saving in the end. It is common among organizers to look into the big picture to ensure smoothness of the fashion flow. However, the minute details if left unturned can bring forth a major disaster despite tedious preparations. I don't really know how to organize a fashion show, but you can get some pointers by just searching on Google or something. All I know is that you'll need people to help you, a runway, and some models.
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2 hours - Hands on, and a great place to network, meet, and learn. It gives you the knowledge you'll need to organize a fashion show, whether large or small scale! In fact, you're NOT likely to find all this information in any one place.

Organizing a successful fashion show takes some planning in advance but the results are sure to be worth it.

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Organizing a fashion show can be tricky and get expensive quickly if you don't do it right


In an effort to make that happen, Kalohn is organizing a fashion show to benefit local special education programs. She's working with fellow pageant contestant Brooke Naumcheff, the reigning Miss Hudsonville.