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In our kids parkour class children quickly learn the value of hard work, perseverance, and personal discipline. Our kids parkour class allows each student to quickly realize that the most efficient and beneficial path to success is through effort, determination, and consistent disciplined action. These life skills will not only lead to consistent progression in parkour but can also be adapted to overcome any obstacle in life.

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You are aware theobstacles in life are not real right? You created them and you can getrid of them.

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Of course I wasn't oblivious to the fact that I would encounter many obstacles in my life, but I thought that, generally speaking, I would be able to go through all of them with no problems, with the help of positive thinking.

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People often ask me, “Shawn,what does it take to be successful? You seem to have no obstacles inlife and doing very well!” After I laugh reallyhard people are surprised when I reveal my situation.

Those obstacles inlife should be used as a springboard to reach new heights and toexperience new things.
However, I am awarethe obstacles in life are temporary. And most important, I removed thebiggest obstacle in life out of the way. Want to know what it was?Fortunately for you,I have created a wonderful resource that will assist you to understandand overcome obstacles in life. The best part is it is absolutely free!The biggest obstaclein life was, “ME!”Yep! Little Ole Me! Specifically, it was my thoughts about myself thatcreated the obstacles in life and held me back for so long. I couldjust kick myself!BIGGEST OBSTACLE FACED AND OVERCAME: “Being the lightest guy in the super heavyweight class. Using my speed and power, I have beaten a lot of people… There is no obstacle in life. I never think that way. My thanks are to my uncle, Eric Opitz, and my father, my training partner and hardest opponent.”Everybody has to face some obstacles in their life as life is never smooth. You can’t just get whatever you want every time. But it totally depends on you whether you quit or you work to pass those hurdles. Here are some of the obstacles mostly faced by people today: Chronic depression, Koplewicz said, is vastly different from demoralization, or normal unhappiness that is generated a result of a break up, a job loss or another obstacle in life. Rather, it’s “an internal thing caused by the brain,” he said.
PURPOSE:  To teach the Student about overcoming obstacles in their life’s path and some ideas on how to deal with them.

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Another obstacle faced by people today is the decision making power. Reason for the same is they are not even clear about the plan; they are not sure what they actually want in their life, how they would get what they want and finally a proper planning of all of it. All of it is missing and that is when this becomes an obstacle in their life. When a person is not capable of taking any decisions in his life, how is he supposed to achieve his long-term goals! Another reason could be because the person is being too much personal when he needs to be professional. His heart rules over his head and makes it difficult to make wise decision. That is why one should learn to think wisely and act accordingly. One should not just keep on worrying if he is doing right or wrong. Sometimes it is good to be spontaneous and let the time tell the result.

My biggest obstacle in life has been learning patience. I have to learn to wait for what I want to come by God’s timing instead of my own.

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"We wanted to raise awareness while promoting health and fitness," says Guzman. "Mental endurance is really key. If you can believe that, you can overcome any obstacle in life."

Or, would you rathercomplain for the rest of your life about the imaginary obstacles inlife you could not overcome?

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the obstacle is the path. we resist the obstacles in life. it’s hard to appreciate or be thankful for the ones that are thrown at us each day. whether they are in our relationships, careers, our bodies, it’s hard to immediately go to gratitude when things spring up in your life or think of our obstacles as opportunities. but truthfully, that is where the growth happens. if you look back in your life, the growth happens when it is not going the way you planned. so when you look back, try to feel grateful for everything that didn’t go right, because it brought you to this moment.