(Don't you just miss the days it was just called "NUS Med Fac"?)

You’ve probably stumbled onto this site because you wanted to find out more about the application process into NUS Med School. Having once been in your shoes, we understand how perplexing and agonising the process of preparing for this interview can be, especially if you do not have seniors in med school / friends who are doctors.

lupi’n (en ärtväxt): av lat. lupi’nus med

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NUS med gk masuk , apalagi NTU-imperial

While everyone's excited about the opening of the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and its architectural buffs are instead consumed by the building as a shining example of green design and environmentally conscious construction.

NTU-imperial itu kursinya cuma 50 orang , nus med itu 250 orang

According to , the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School was established in 2005 as a strategic partnership between Duke University and the National University of Singapore, and has embarked on research to tackle current health problems, such as cancer, dengue and Influenza A (H1N1) virus. The inaugural class of medical professionals will graduate in 2011.

3. If I enter NUS medicine in 2012, I’ll be 22 years old. Is that “too old” to begin with?
The beginnings of the Duke-NUS medical school can be traced to 2000, when Singapore launched an ambitious Biomedical Sciences Initiative designed to make the country the biomedical hub of Asia, and to attract both research and health sector manufacturing capabilities to Singapore.Hello I am currently in secondary school and am aiming for NUS medicine after I graduate from jc. I was looking through the eligibility criteria on the NUS website and found out that I do have to take Chemistry and either Physics or Bio in jc.
I am taking chem and physics in now, but I am having second thoughts about taking H2 physics in jc. If I do end up taking a H1 science subject, which would be either physics or bio, would that affect my chances of getting shortlisted into NUS even if I may get an A for it?
And thank you very much for your post!Hi, Thanks for the post. It was certainly informative.
However, currently I am in a dilemma. I sat for my a-levels in 2008 as a sch candidate. My grades were not good enough to even be shortlisted for NUS medicine. Currently, I am serving NS. After 2 failed attempts at retaking a-levels as a pte candidate in 2009/10 (as i am in a stay-in camp) , I have decided to resit for A-levels (GP,M,C,B,H2 TL) next year after I ORD from NS. Foreign med uni is out of option due to financial constraints. I have a few qns pertaining to NUS medicine:
tapi scholarship di NUS medic itu banyak banget , even for international student ;)

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Whether you are an A-level or IB student wanting to get into NUS, or already have that first degree and want to apply to Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, or are some ambitious far-sighted secondary school or JC student (or kiasu parent ;-) aiming for the upcoming TTSH-NTU Imperial College route, this page is for you.

NUS medic saingannya masi todai , unimelb kalau Imperial itu saingannya udah JHU , harvard , oxbridge

Applying to NUS Medical School – by Dr. Gerald Tan

1. Would I be disadvantaged and not even considered for NUS medicine interview if i reapply in 2012 using the new A-level results (assuming I do really well)?

A-level sing aja modar gimana mau masuk NUS med ? anak yg punya lusinan penghargaan olim aja banyak yg gk masuk

Nus | definition of Nus by Medical dictionary

1. I admire your perseverance too. What were your grades for your 2 attempts at retaking the A-levels? I don’t wish to burst your bubble, but there is some truth in which medical school will be a struggle for you if you find A-levels tough right now. But retaking the As as a private candidate without guidance is difficult. I really hope you’d do very well, do you’ve confidence that you’d score straight As? Because NUS med interview does not usually consider anyone who deviates from the perfect score. Some of my friends had straight As but didn’t score at the interview.