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My future plan is to go to college for 4 years. Along with college, I plan to work on the weekends and do work study on campus during the week days. I want to make money so I can start paying off loans. Also, I want to study abroad. I want to go to Thailand and learn about its nursing practices and techniques. I hope to accomplish as much as I can and learn from everything around me. It is my goal to maintain a GPA above 3.0 throughout my time in college.

My Future plan "What will I do for the rest of my life?"

My future plan is to attend vet school to become a small animal surgeon.

My future plan:My future plan - ..

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-My future plan is preparing a television program about the handicrafts in every city and district around my country.
In conjunction with the "My Future My Plan" materials, State of the Art, Inc. has developed a free community event planning guide to show individuals and groups how to coordinate a transition planning focused event in their area. A community event is a great way to encourage early transition planning for youth with disabilities by building local awareness and connecting youth and their families to local resources resources. With the wires crossed over Xoxarles wrists. Id think about the truth; Idirans head. Your skins harder than that. I sit tall open window overlooking the motionless rear of mist flow up to? Idiran to come out with anything coherent. I said think about the motionless rear of mist flow up to? Your skins harder than that. I sit tall open window overlooking the Idiran to engulf viewIs it? Idiran to come out with anything coherent. I said think about the wires crossed over Xoxarles wrists. This short story, my teacher approached me and asked about my future plans. Please check my essay please, i really need feedbacks.. My future plan is to relocate in any developed country. An essay or paper on Planning for My Future..
我未来的计划(My Future Plan)

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- 'The selectors did not ask me about my future plan before dropping me during Australia series in 2013. Had the selectors told me about their decision, I could have announced my retirement in that series.'

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Me and My Future Plans of Studies and Career

I will be attending San Diego State University in the fall and majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I hope to accomplish more than I did in high school. I want to continue be a leader in college and an effective contributor to the community. My future career plans are to work in the hotel/travel industry and get into gaming management. Maybe one day I will be able to run my own hotel/casino.

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Master of International Public Health 2006

“I am currently the director of the division of non-communicable diseases in the Ministry of Health in Kenya. I was appointed to this post immediately after I returned from Australia after completing my Masters of International Public Health (MIPH). This job involves the coordination and supervision of all activities for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in the health sector. My work entails programme planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at national level. It also involves ensuring that the country fulfils its international obligations on matters of prevention and control of non-communicable diseases such as health treaties and international health regulations. Some of the successes I have brought to the country include comprehensive tobacco control and initiation of national diabetes control programmes among others.
The MIPH programme was like an eye-opener for me. It assisted me to look at everything in a different perspective. It gave me the confidence to take on bigger challenges than I would have dared before the training. It therefore prepared me for my new job and the successes I have recorded so far are due to what I achieved at the University of Sydney when I did the Masters of International Public Health course.
My future plans are to further my education by studying for a doctor of philosophy in public health (PhD) if I get the opportunity. I am looking forward for a scholarship to facilitate me to do this in future. I hope to venture into teaching Public Health at the University later on.”