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Some say that words are food for the mind and music food for the soul. This would certainly be true for the music of Desert Rose. It is food for a tired body, for the lethargic mind and the battered will. It is difficult to put to words the plethora of feelings one gets when hearing this meditative music. When Desert Rose performed at the Institute for Advance Islamic Studies, IAIS Auditorium, we heard it with silence and the lights dimmed, and many hearts were filled with love and eyes filled with tears. With the main theme of the music of Desert Rose, that being God and His beloved ones, one cannot but be strengthened with the love for the Almighty, and reminded of times lost when the prophets walked the earth. And I cannot help but wonder that if we could be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us all the time, there will be no time for war and no space for hatred to take root on Earth. Desert Rose certainly reminds of the times of past, of what could have been, and what should be.

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This was so fun to read, I could feel your excitement. Too many years ago, way back in the early 70’s I worked as the hospitality manager for Electric Factory Concerts (the largest concert promoter in this area). Four years of feeding crews and setting up dressing rooms for about every band you could name…..the best of times! Music food for the soul

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Music is food for the soul and this large sampler is a lovely way to convey that message. Designed by Nancy Rossi with musical instruments and a lovely border. I particularly like the music notes in the upper and lower borders. by Nancy Rossi will be a joy to stitch and to display.

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